Some Days

I really hate having this disease… I think, mostly, I hate it because somehow, people feel that once you have Diabetes (or some other disease they deem you got from your own “failed choices”) that it gives them license to comment on your life or on how you came to be in your current state of affairs, and what you ought to do.

It makes me be angry a lot. It makes me hate people.

Some days, it is easier to get online, than others.

Some days, not so much.

I read yet another Type 1 Diabetic spouting on how most of Type 2 Diabetes is caused by obesity, as if somehow they knew anything about OUR disease… and had the great need of lecturing us all on it… Or some Type 2 with wrongly placed self guilt, assuming they sold their soul to Satan for a donut, and assuming many of us must have, too…

And then I bump into an old friend who, out of the blue, without mention by me at all, happens to ask me if I have gotten rid of my Diabetes yet… As if one could ever get rid this scourge.

I step away from the keyboard, and then I cry.

I cry a good cry.

I hate this disease.

I don’t think anyone LIKES this disease. It’s just the genetic hand you were dealt. But I agree, it’s hard to deal with the ignorance, stigma and prejudice that are so common, and driven by the media and one-size-fits-all articles about “eat less and move more”. The media is the biggest perpetrator of ignorance about Type 2. I wish they would interview real scientists who are working on finding the causes, treatments and an eventual (no time soon) cure for Type 2, rather than celebrity surgeons like Dr. Oz, who really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
My pet peeve is “lose weight and it will go away”. Well, I was never obese, but I was overweight, and I lost 20 lb. which was 12% of my body weight, MORE than the 5% - 10% they say will make a difference. Did it budge anything? NOOOOOOOOO!!! Just another popular myth down the drain!!
Dear one, what we need is to be STRONG, and not let other people’s stupidity get us down. Don’t let them get away with their ignorant statements – come right back at them with the truth! And acknowledge that there is true stupidity in this world – no one thinks of themselves as stupid, and probably no one is stupid in all areas, but as far as Type 2 diabetes, the stupidity is overwhelming.

Really, you can’t blame people for thinking our greed caused us to have diabetes. Everywhere, tv, newspapers, womens magazines, books, etc. etc. all preach the overeating = diabetes 2 myth. I believed it myself, I cried when I was diagnosed because I did not want people thinking that about me. When I was pre-diabetic I was told to go on the low GI diet, and I did and I now think that all that xxxxxx carbohydrate put me into a position where I got diabetes. In fact I think all the Diabetes Associations are causing the world wide spread of diabetes 2! Not only is diabetes linked to genes, but also to the type of cancer I had many years ago, I certainly did not live on a junk food diet, I hate the stuff.

And I hate peoples’ attitudes too, I console with them, just think as it is genetic you might get it too! Take that you people who really annoy me. Don’t, don’t take it to heart, DWQ, ignorance deserves pity.

I have not been feeling the greatest lately. I’m on new meds for asthma, and I think that + hypertension tabs cause my potassium levels to drop (and BG to climb). Last Thurs. (2 days ago) woke up at 4:30 am with mind bending cramps in both legs, feeling like I was going to faint, tingly all over and soaked with a headache that climbed into pounding…and no, I wasn’t low! Very long story short…I ended up going to the hospital to eventually find out I had what I now know to be very low potassium levels! Came back home with, what else, more meds and instructions to be tested for low potassium every 2 weeks. Still feeling like…you know! So on top of diabetes there’s one more added thing (aside from the other 5 “things”)…and most work together to make my BG jump and dive. It’s depressing. But you know…crying is good…it’s a great release and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Let go of that site Lizmari, if only for a while…I too am tired of the “pigeon holing”, it just serves to bring you down when you hear it OVER and OVER. So hit another site for a while…luv ya…linda xxx

I hear you. Now that you work nights, be sure you are getting some sunlight during the day–that can really play havoc with emotions and stress levels.

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