Endo Appt

So went to my endo the other day..good news: my A1c went down!! yayy! It went from around 8's down to 6's..can't remember exact numbers though. But its getting there! :) He also looked at my charts when I had the cgm done and changed some settings on my pump..not sure if I'm happy about it or not...it seems likes my sugars have been high since he's changed them.. He did say he noticed my blood sugar has been spiking after I eat...and he also said he couldn't give me Symlin because medicaid won't pay for it :( So...I don't know....I wish things could be a little easier...it always seems like I'm strugging.. :( I go back to see him in about 6 more weeks...until then..

That's great news that you pushed your A1C to a new spot. Did the doctor explain why he made the changes at particular times? I sometimes make changes without bothering to mess around with my pump reports but, when I look at them, they tend to make suggestions more clearly than "hmmm, maybe I was low at lunch, let's adjust it and see what happens!?" strategies I use sometimes.