Need or want to give emotional support? Join us!

This a group for non-judgmental attitudes, active listening, honest communication, and finding ways to support each other, whether it's good news or bad.

I'm going to start this off by saying that I've had problems with depression all my life, and diabetes didn't make it any easier. Sometimes I need to vent, and sometimes I need to share good news, and I would guess that there are others out there who want to do the same thing.

This week, I'm feeling fair to middlin' because while my numbers have mostly been pretty good, I've had some spikes too. I'm not testing as much because I'm feeling like putting diabetes on the back burner, although I know I can't. I'm trying to figure out how much I should test (I have a CGM, but it's not entirely accurate), and looking at each test while thinking about how it will affect my A1c.

So, how are YOU feeling this week?

I had a 33.3 yesterday but I know why that happened. I had had a hypo and no breakfast - went to a breakfast meeting and could not afford the exhorbitant prices for even a slice of toast. Ate some bread with a spread of marmalade and forgot the insulin after the hypo!

Had some advice the other day from someone in Tu Diabetes - take normal dose in smaller doses so what would be two high doses I broke it down into 5 units x 4 for each insulin and it turned into 8 injections but it worked a treat!

Diabetes sucks! Although we never overeat at Christmas there have been times that I wish I did not have it! My sugars have been pretty good to low - a hypo on Boxing Day morning at 2am left me higher than normal at breakfast and my mother either is in denial or I do not know what. She keeps banging on about how difficult it is to have a diabetic daughter and she cannot understand why I am not more in control - she does not (nor will she ever) understand the need for me to eat regularly and in small doses, offers me sugar when I am high and insulin when I am low. I am pretty well controlled and do have some spikes but I work hard. For me there are 3 things that my mother does which are really annoying. She talks (very loudly) on the phone to all her friends and colleagues on the phone about how difficult it is knowing what to give me to eat, if we go anywhere she will loudly ask "Should you be eating that?" (Usually yes, but sometimes no and then I know how to deal with it!) or will tell people that I am not allowed to drink alcohol because I am taking insulin! I CHOOSE not to drink alcohol now because I had some bad reactions and feel better without it. So???? Do we have to make such a song and dance out of it???? (she is an alcoholic by the way!) Yes, I do have health issues but I do not need them broadcasting to all and sundry! Rant over. Hope you had a pleasant time this Christmas and that 2011 will be happier and healthier for you.

Boy do I understand your feeling about diabetes -- I feel the same way! I'm fortunate in that nobody is policing me, but I have to be self-disciplined enough to police myself -- I LOVE carbs and sweets and chocolate, and sometimes I used to binge on them. I did a pretty good job not binging these last 3 months, but I must admit I would LIKE to!

I'm really sorry your mother chooses not to understand -- if she would listen, I'm sure you could educate her. I guess you just have to keep pecking away at her -- maybe some day it will come clear to her. Meanwhile, keep on doing your best, which is all you can do!

Hi,. I also suffer with depression and find it hard to accept diabetes. I don’t eat very well anyway because the amount of other medication I take for other conditions: depression, migraine prevention, make me feel ill. My BG reading today was 22.8 and it is also in the twenties, sometimes it doesn’t read on my monitor, just says high (about 27 mmol). I don’t know how to combat this feeling - I think it will just go away!

Depression is tough. And sometimes all you can do is wait it out. But please do try to control your diabetes as best as you can – even though you might not feel like it. You don’t want to get yourself in serious trouble like DKA!

Diabetes is depressing as is cancer, and many other health problems, but I refuse to let any of it get me down for very long. I think that having a positive attitude helps with everything we have to deal with.

Hi, Natalie!

I agree justgeo1- I have a long list of health problems, incl. T-1 D, but I do try to stay positive. No one wants to hear a whiner anyway. Occasionally I do get depressed but I just wait for it to pass.

I don’t want to be perceived as a whiner, but on the other hand, when I’m feeling bad and not coping very well, I do need to talk about it. Not particularly wanting other people to solve my problems, but just listen and acknowledge that I’m having a hard time, and understand that I may not be very charming when I’m feeling so bad. Maybe we need to clarify what’s considered whining, and what’s just needing a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on?

I think if you “talk it out” and vent it can get worse. I vent to my psychiatrist from time to time, but I usually just grump to folks I know will understand and then I get back to living. I’m on meds for the depression as well as all the other medical issues I have so I’m usually doing ok… I do listen well! :slight_smile:

For me, it definitely helps to get whatever’s bothering me off my chest. I really can forget about it if I can tell someone. This may be a generalized version of the difference between men and women, who knows? :slight_smile:

It’s the same for me, so it may be a difference in personality types… If I can vent, I feel as if I can now move on… I usually say things like cancer sux, and then I get back to treatments.

One of the things I treasure about my women’s therapy group is that I don’t HAVE to put on a happy face. I can be sad and cry if I need to, and they’re there for me. However, I do understand the need to be alone sometimes, and that sometimes it’s not sadness but anger that you’re feeling. One of the women in the group almost invariably expresses her feelings as anger, and uses foul languge and a not-so-gentle tone of voice, but we understand that too. I hope there’s someone in your life that you can express ALL your feelings to, not just the socially-acceptable ones! Take care, sweetie!

Anger is a sign of depression as I well know… I’m really trying to deal with that part of that disease. I’m still fighting with cancer, so that frustrates me on occasion too… I wish I knew how to get all this stuff taken care of all at once… one pill and everything is fixed… that would be nice… And I love hugs! :slight_smile:

Hey, George, a magic wand would be even better than a pill! With a sprinkling of fairy dust! :slight_smile: I, too, wish it could all be fixed, but until then, all I can do is my best. And here is a ((((((((((virtual hug)))))))))) just for you! :slight_smile:

I need emotional support because I got fired from my job yesterday. I can’t afford to be unemployed because my husband left me due to hypoglycemic episodes. Really depressing, if you asked me. His sister has helped me out by letting me live with her and her husband, but I’ve been here since the middle of June and haven’t found work. I got fired from the job I started on Monday yesterday, so I only lasted 3 days. I’m 56 years old and feeling pretty desperate. Any suggestions or support would be appreciated.

I know the feeling of not having a job, but I’m now retired and on Social Security. I have a small income from that… I find it difficult to understand your husbands reaction, but maybe he was too afraid of you not surviving one of them… Prayers for a new job to come your way.

Yes, that was exactly what he was afraid of. I have suffered from Type 1 since I was 10 years old and have always been hypersensitive to insulin. He was afraid of coming home from work and finding me dead. He thought he had on April 1, 2011. I was totally non-responsive and the medics weren’t sure they could bring me back. Thank you for your support.

Some people just don’t deal well with health issues… I hope he never gets to the point of having problems of his own, I don’t think he’ll be able to handle it…