Some translations needed

Can you help with a rather short translation, but into as many languages as possible?

So far, translations into French and German have been provided by others.

The project it's for is still so early in software testing that I DON'T recommend that you try to participate in that project yet, unless you have enough experience with the early stages of software testing.

The original request that I'm passing on:


Hello DD@H helpers/volunteers; we need you help in translating this phrase "Drugdiscovery@Home - volunteer computing in the fields of age-related diseases, cancer and stem cell biology regulation." into as many different languages as possible. thank you for your help, just post the phrase and in what language it is in. Please don't use auto-translators such as bing or yahoo or google as it's 90% of time will get some of the words wrong.

thank you...

Drug-Discovery Team.

There you go. Into Arabic:

الرئيسية – التطوع في مجالات الحوسبة من الأمراض المرتبطة بالعمر ، السرطان ، و تنظيم بيولوجيا الخلايا الجذعية @Drugdiscovery

Thank you.

Robert, I can’t help personally however I have sent out a message to all members of the European Group asking if anyone can help.

In Dutch:

Drugsdiscovery@Home- volunteer computing op het gebied van leeftijd-gerelateerde ziekten, kanker en stamcelbiologie regulatie.

in norwegian:

“Drugdiscovery@Home - frivillig databehandling innen alder-relaterte sykdommer, kreft og stem cellebiologi regulering.”

Frivillig databehandling inom åldersrelaterade sjukdomar, cancer och stamcells biologi regulering.

Swedish :stuck_out_tongue: But someone might be able to provide a better translation. My Swedish isn’t what it should be (it’s my native language) after years of barely using it!

I’m posting this on behalf of a Russian friend of mine who said:
My translation:
“Drugdiscovery@Home - проект распределенных вычислений для изучения возрастных заболеваний, рака и закономерностей биологии стволовых клеток.”

And he made a screen shot of that (see attached) just in case the special characters don’t come out in this posting.

. . . . . . .
And then after we talked about one of his assumptions, he produced this 2nd version:

«Drugdiscovery @ Home - проект распределенных вычислений для изучения возрастных заболеваний, рака и законов биологии стволовых клеток.»

The difference between these is replacing «закономерностей» with «законов». The later is more strict translation of “regulations” in the meaning of “law, established / official rule”. The first has the meaning of “consistent pattern, regularity, natural law” and may conjugate better with context of using supercomputing power for biological studies – but let you native speakers decide what is better.
6698-Project_Russian.gif (5.7 KB)

In spanish (Spain):
Drugdiscovery@Home - Procesado voluntario en los campos de enfermedades asociadas a la edad, cancer y regulación biológica de células madre.

Thanks to a few more of you - I’ll pass these on now.

In Portuguese:
“Drugdiscovery@Home - voluntário na área das doenças relacionadas com a idade, cancro e regulação biológica de células estaminais”

I see you already have the french translation but if you need more help in french, I can help you, french is my native language.It will be a pleasure for me.