Someone help me? D:

I was diagnosed on New Years Eve and it hasn’t even been a month and I’m already fed up of this shiy disease! I try and stay as positive as I can and my day will be going great until I check my blood sugars which have been all over the place. They are hardly ever below ten. Last week they stayed in between 14 and 17 and this week they’ve only come down to 8 ONCE. it was 10 today after college. I took insulin and ate something and started exercise. When I was done, it was at 11. I’m so pied off! My mother is annoying the hell out of me. She’s refusing to read the diabetes booklet given by the nurse and she’s acting like she knows everything about diabetes. telling me what to eat and what not to eat. My sugar was really high earlier so I just told her to SHUT UP which I’ve never done before. She lectures me and then starts being supportive. today she said that my diabetes was caused by the amount of coke I drank (I only took a cup to bed ONCE). The nurse has explained that it wasnt causes by eating and she just won’t get it into her head! My dad started taking me to the gym and started taking me on walks but today he has suddenly stopped. I’m so confused I just wish this cr*ppy disease just died already! My insulin jabs are starting to hurt a little (I’m doing them correctly) and my finger pricks are becoming tiring. I haven’t had a low yet also. My arms and legs are sore from a workout I did last Friday at the gym. What can I do to help myself? My nurse is lovely! She calls every other day just to check and she gives me advice. I really do hate tis disease but I just stay positive. Today is a bad day I guess. I just feel like crying. :frowning:

Hey Iyaz,
I'm a college student too and I've had diabetes for 17 years. Diabetes sucks- that's the truth, but it does get better! Don't listen to anybody who tries to tell you that it's your fault you got diabetes because it's not. There is nothing you could have done to have prevented it, it's just really bad luck. Good news, finger pricks eventually stop hurting. You get so good at it you can do it while walking or in the dark. I can't really say the same about shots or pumps, you kinda just get used to expecting the pain. I know it's really hard to wait, but it takes time to figure out your insulin doses and to learn how to count carbs accurately. But soon you will start seeing 5's and 6's. So for now, keep up your positive attitude! Follow your nurses advice, keep testing your BG. It helps to write down your numbers, food and exercise to figure stuff out. Some exercise actually makes you go higher, not lower-annoying, I know. Everyone's body is different so it's kind of trial and error. But know that you are NOT alone. YOU CAN DO THIS!