Sony vs. Apple

assuming each company knew about insulin and pumping…

which company do you think would make a better and cooler insulin pump??

i am a pc girl- but i think would have to go with apple :slight_smile:

Hmm that’s an interesting question. I would say Apple because they could probably come up with something tiny and with lots of cool apps haha. But, on the other hand every Apple product I’ve owned (ipods, imac) have had a lot of issues so I’m not sure if I’d trust them with something so important.

Apple. It would just work.

Sony…for efficiency and functionality
Apple…Style, fashionability and marketability

With Steve Jobs at the helm, partly now, design has long been a priority, as he understands the marketability of cool. This combined with an ongoing effort to improve interfaces, though not as robust as it once was, could make for a potentially very nice pump/iPod, IMHO.

I will go with Apple all the way!

Sony’s would look sweeet! But it’d probably have one of those loud fans on it to keep it from overheating ;)… Id go apple

Sony would create a product with enough buttons and switches to make a Star Trek geek happy.
Apple would design something you would fall in love with. Like EVA from the movie Wall-E.

apple. for sure.


That is an iPhone with an insulin pump add on!!!

So, I want a pump like the omnipod that I can control with my iphone. While I am dreaming, I want it to use microneedles and have a smaller pump so it will be more flush with the skin.

ahh, dreams. Now that we can control devices though with 3.0, I might have to get to work on the first half of this.

II am a PC girl too–and think neither of these companies would make a better insulin pump—Both have way too mnay issues with non-critical devices to be trusted with a medical device.

Now current pump manufacturers shoudl could learn some design ideas from Apple