Sorry for my long absence

I haven’t been on here for a while and for that I apologize. The depression is set in and I find it so hard to do anything anymore. On top of that it’s even harder to do anything that has to do with talking about my health or diabetes. Where to start? I don’t think I blogged it here yet but last January I was on the streets of Bellingham Washington for a few days and had nothing with me. No money, change of clothes or anything but like a good diabetic I still had my meds. Well they found me early one morning laying on the sidewalk with my glucose level in the low 20s. I was in a diabetic coma for 14 hours. So if anyone wants to know what it feels like, I’ll be glad to tell you.

A lot has happened with my diagnoses. Here is what I’ve been diagnosed with so far:
Early Interstitial Lung Disease
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Severe Chronic Asthma
Syncope Due To Alkalosis
Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3
Glaucoma in both eyes
Cataracts in both eyes (Way Past Legally Blind)
Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Type II Insulin Dependent Diabetes
High Cholesterol
Enlarged Prostrate
Heart Disease
Paradoxical Vocal Chord motion
Constriction in lower vocal chords
Partially paralyzed vocal chords
Restless Leg Syndrome
40% hearing loss in both ears at certain frequencies
Geographic Tongue

I’ve had glaucoma for several years but it’s not very bad at all yet. I’ve had cataracts for about two and a half years. My last vision test was about 6 months ago and my right eye was 20/800 and they only put much worse for the left eye. I don’t know what caused this, some of my meds could have, I believe the diabetes could have so who knows. For those who don’t know 20/200 is legally blind. I’ve been hit by cars three times in the past 6 months because i can’t see the walk/don’t walk signs. I was scheduled for my first cataract surgery on September 2nd but when I went to be cleared through anesthesiology they rejected me saying I was too high of risk. So no cataract surgery for Clayton. :wink: On my last examination they said they think they see some retinopathy in my left eye but can’t tell for sure cause they can’t see very well through the cataracts. So I won’t know if I need further surgery after I get my cataract fixed and won’t know till I somehow get the surgery.

They now also added Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3 to my diagnoses. I was hospitalized last June from blacking out at a bus stop. They also said I have partially paralyzed vocal chords and a constriction in my throat below the vocal chords. They tried injecting my vocal chords with botox but I had a severe reaction and couldn’t breathe for a very long ten minutes. Now with all the medical problems I have it’s so hard to tell what symptoms are from what and belong to which diagnoses.

So there’s a quick synopsis of what’s been going on in my life. On a more positive side, I am in a program called Access to Housing for Health and now in a really nice section 8 apartment. No furniture yet, but I’m here. :wink:

Good to hear that you have good news at the end of your blog. Hope everything else improves soon. Stay strong. Joanne

Hi There Clayton!! :slight_smile:

I was actually wondering a while back what had happened to you. Nice to see you back. It only sounds like you have been going through Hell…O. Sorry to hear that they’ve added more “stuffings” to your already lonng condition/medication list.

Yes, the cataracts can be caused by Diabetes and by some medications. You were(are) still using steroids aren’t you? That does cause cataracts with prolonged use. Geez, you do need to get those cataracts removed though and soon. I’m Glad that you have a Nice place to lay your head anyways even if it is lacking some much needed furniture and appliances. That’s Great! As you know, there are places like the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, Value Village, Neighbourhood Services, etc., that give free, used furniture and much more to People who are having a hard time of it. You just have to make a phone call if you can’t go there to talk to them yourself. If you don’t have a Friend or Relative to pick it up then they will probably deliver the stuff to you(not sure).

The Best to you Clayton. I hope that you at least start to feel somewhat Better.

Hi Clayton, I hope with your new home you will start to feel a little better. You have alot to think about and I pray the home will ease some of your burden. :slight_smile:

God Bless you my friend. I cannot imagine myself going through all of that and coming out in a positive mood. I will never complain about my aching knees again. If in your area,contact GOODWILL or the SALVATION ARMY or St. VINCENT DEPAUL they might be able to help you with furniture. GOOD LUCK. Reed

Thanks everyone. It’s nice to be back and see my dfriends here again. Hugzzz

Wow. I would like to know what your diabetic coma felt like.

Well, the last thing I remember was being so very confused. Trying to figure out how to send a text on my phone that I had sent thousands of texts on before. Next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital. They told me my glucose levels were in the low 20s when I was found. Every time it started to raise it would drop again. I remember nothing about that 14 hours at all. That’s 14 hours missing from my life’s story. Even when I woke up, I still couldn’t focus or move so they moved me around with a hoist in the ceiling from bed to bed. Was getting my senses back about 12 more hours after that.