Source for Tandem Pump Carrying Cases

I have a Tandem tslim pump and have worn out my “flip leatherette” (carrying) case. I purchased my current one from Amazon; they say the cases are not available and they don’t know when/if they will be available. I checked Tandem’s website; no such carrying cases on there. I really like this case as I can see the pump without removing it from the case. Haven’t been able to find one with a Google search. Anyone on here know of another resource for these? Thanks!

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Could you post a picture of the case, please.


That looks like the perfect case for a T:Slim pump, and it looks like Tandem Diabetes Care no longer wants to provide them. There are only hard cases on their website.

Most of the cases that I found similar are more like a phone holster, where you would have to take the pump out to see the display and use it.

If I get approved for a T:Slim pump, I think I will show this picture to a local leather worker. Maybe he can make one similar and useful.

I hate to admit defeat. I did find this one, whether it would work for you I don’t know.

$35 USD at Amazon

Thanks for doing some searching for this case or a very similar one. I saw this case when I first got my tslim pump and the case was not available through Tandem or Amazon at that time. I kept checking Amazon and as soon as the cases were available, I ordered mine. It is nice to be able to see your pump screen and to be able to do pump settings without removing the pump from the case. When you get a tslim, I hope you can have a case made if this model doesn’t become available again.

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Lynn: Here’s a possibly heretical idea. If you can’t find what you want on the Tandem site…try Medtronic’s! :slight_smile:
I wanted a case that would go on my belt, from which I could remove the clip if I wanted to. I couldn’t find one at Tandem, but did find a pretty good one on the Medtronic site (a duplicate of one I’d had when I was wearing a Medtronic pump; I actually wore out that case.).
However, today I couldn’t find anything that looks like what you want there, so don’t get your hopes up too high! :slight_smile:


Thank you for searching and sharing this!!! I had to discontinue use of my old flip case—it was totally worn out. I have a different case that I’m using, but I really dislike it----the flip case was so much more convenient. I just ordered one of the MEDMAX cases; I may order one of the others from Germany, too. (Tandem didn’t know if they’d be selling the flip cases again when I called them recently) Thank you!