Tandem drops warranties on newly designed pump cases

Have been struggling for years with the cases for Tandem Tslim’s. Tandem’s belt clips on their previous holster type cases never lasted very long. The plastic belt clips use to snap off after a relatively short period of regular use. Tandem used to replace them if you called. I guess they got tired of replacing a lot of cases so they came up with a stainless steel clip that got inserted into the case. The smoothly polished stainless steel clip would slip off anything you tried to clip it to so, now they’ve gone back to offering a redesigned holster type case which has a plastic belt clip. Hopefully it’s strong enough to last for a while, unlike previous offerings they’ve had. I ordered one but I did notice that Tandem doesn’t show any reference to a warranty for this $29.95 item (+ shipping). I sent them a query asking what type of warranty it had. They replied that they don’t offer any warranty on the case. I’ve been using alternative methods of carrying the pump for years. They work, but it bugs me that Tandem has taken years to correct a problem like this and then charges a significant sum for a reworked accessory with no warranty. Hopefully this new case lasts for a while.

You need a handmade, leather cell phone holder. Get one of the leather workers in town to make you one (find some retired guy who does this as a hobby). They make quality stuff the old fashioned way.

Medtronics also use a plastic that fails after a year give or take. Also no warranty.

I think I must be the only one who loved Medtronic’s plastic clips. I generally wear jeans and clip the pump inside my front pocket. I’ve only had one clip fail and I forget which pump it was but I had actually received a spare slim clip in the box so I was good. I really like the clip on my 670g.

@George49 Have you looked at the Type 1 Tactical cases for the TSlim? I like the Tandem cases, but the Type 1 Tactical Stealth case is damn near indestructible plus they have a great warranty.