Spartan Sprint in '16 - It's a first!

Looking for feedback/insights on participating in an upcoming Spartan Sprint: training tips, wearing the pump during the event, what kind of products work best to keep sugars up, carrying a monitor during the event, etc. Any shared experiences are appreciated! This is a first time experience for me and while I’m excited, I’m also nervous. Thanks!

I would be interested to learn what comprises a “Spartan Sprint.”

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@TheOneType has done some mud runs!! Once my cousin included me in a list of his buddies “yo, let’s do the Tough Mudder…” and I said “sure” although I was somewhat relieved that other guys said “nah” and the scheme fell through. At that time, I’d never tried Levemir but I’ve done so since a couple of times and it seems to work fine. I think you just need some carbs. I don’t recall if they have gatorade, or whatever, since they “are” Spartans. Usually, races are easier than “training” as they have carbs every 3 miles or so plus Gu, etc. for longer runs.

@Terry4. Spartan Runs are races where you jump through mud puddles, climb over obstacles, get electrocuted by E-stim gizmos and other fun challenges. Ooh rah! I am not a huge fan of getting muddy so I’ve never done one.

Mud is FUN!!!

Looks like fun! I don’t have much advice, but I should defiantly figure out what problems might arise, and then find a solution. My biggest worry would be water and my equipment, along with mud, dirt, sand, whatever may cause a malfunction. It would be horrible to have to stop halfway through because your pump quit working.

i dont use a pump but have done some mud runs and they are great fun! the first one i did while i was on holiday in south carolina by my moms house. she volunteered at a water station and had my meter and strips there so i tested mid run. it was only five km so it was fine. i didnt actually need any carbs and finished a bit on the high side, if i remember right, like 160 or something. i think the strenuous running up mud hills and adrenaline kept me that way. at the other one, i left it in the lockers provided. on both i carried gels with me just in case but didnt need them.

i have switched to running mountain races in the last year and test through them about every 5km, which is annoying but what are you gonna do. in those i had to carry my insulin, testing kit and sugar with me, but im not submerging myself in water so its less of a headache.

good luck with your run!

Thank you!

what is a "Spartan Sprint, ? good luck with the run,.