Speed of acclimation when taking Symlin once a day

Hi all,

I’m a type 1, and I just started on Symlin yesterday at 15 mcg with breakfast. My endo and I had decided I’d give Symlin a try at breakfast only to start with because that’s when I have the worst (and most predictable) post-meal spikes. My question is whether I should expect the acclimation period to be longer when I’m only taking Symlin once a day… The way it’s described, it sort of sounds like the acclimation period is necessary to desensitize yourself to this hormone that you haven’t been getting for a long time…so it would make some sense to me if taking Symlin 1/3 of the time compared to the average user would result in a 3x longer acclimation period. Does anyone know if this is right? Right now (granted, it has only been the 2 mornings so far…) I’m experiencing pretty severe nausea, and if I had to choose, I think I’d prefer nausea 3x a day for a few weeks rather than once a day for months…


I’m not sure of the answer, but I understand your concern and your reasoning. For what it’s worth, my nausea only lasted a day or two when I started at 15 mcg. just two weeks ago. I am currently giving 30 mcg. three times a day, and I am feeling no nausea. Good luck!