Spring Ahead, Adjust Clock on Pumps

Just a reminder, Daylight Savings Time starts Saturday night in most areas (notable exceptions include Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & the United States Virgin Islands in the USA, as well as most of SK and select parts of BC, ON and QC in Canada).


Thanks, I almost forgot :slight_smile:

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I wish our government would get rid of the time change. Twice a year I have to adjust at least 26 items

This would have been appropriate for the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Instead, that bill extended DST by four weeks starting 2007. That change required a bunch of reprogramming of systems and was a complete PITA. If somebody had the bright idea to muck around with something, then instead of double mucking it up, they could have simply abolished the concept right then and there. Would have been basically the same amount of IT work to get rid of it as it was to move the timing of it.

And then we would of never had to deal with it again.

It was an opportunity lost.

The part I hate the most about the winter time is that it is dark by 5PM. I much prefer that it not get dark til at least 8PM. Daylight Savings all year would be my preference.

Almost every public policy is sustained by identifiable vested interests. I can’t see which interests, if any, support this status quo. Perhaps this policy continuance is only the result of inertia.

I’ve read that the auto accident rate goes up on the first workday following the spring-time loss of an hour’s sleep. We should eliminate this arcane artifact from history.

We don’t have daylight saving here in Western Australia. Right now we are approximately 3 hours behind the eastern states. Many business people would like us to adopt daylight saving and we did have a trial, but have not permanently adopted the idea, mainly because it upsets our cows and the extra hour of sunlight fades our curtains (see local newspapers).