DST on Sunday--Don't forget to reset your pump!

Hard to believe with all the winter-stormy weather here on the east coast, but this Sunday, March 11, is “spring forward” day. Yup, the one where we have to give back that nice hour they gave us back in October. Be nice if pumps got network time, like just about every other device these days, but they don’t, so here’s a friendly reminder to change your time settings.


Thanks, I would have totally forgotten.

When I was working, the Monday following the DST spring change left me feeling sleep-deprived. It’s easier now that I’m retired, but I do think we’d all be better off if we just picked one system and stuck with it year-round. I once heard a radio report that the incidence of truck accidents spiked following the spring time change. You wouldn’t think the one-hour jet lag would affect us so much but it does.

Now if I can just remember every last clock I need to change! There are always one or two I forget for a few days, like the car or the microwave.

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Stupid government won’t get rid of this useless time changing nonsense every 6 months. Takes me a long time to reset all of the items that use clocks. Clocks, timers, meters, pumps, coffee pot, ovens, and on and on and on. Maybe I should just move to Arizona. :slight_smile:

Or Western Australia!

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Also remember to make sure the am,pm setting is still correct. I messed this up once while traveling through timezones, and took a day or 2 to figure out why things were off with my BGs.

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Despite your warning, I forgot. Now, I am simply too lazy. Luckily, I don’t own any clocks (except my pump) that are currently set correctly, so I’ll just keep doing the adjustments in my head, lol.

Ha! So did I–thanks for the reminder! :rofl: