DST on Sunday--reset your pump!

Cuz it’s easy to forget your pump clock needs updating too.


Done. And I have countless other items to adjust that don’t auto-adjust themselves. Sigh. I hate that our government doesn’t have the sense to keep us on DST permanently.

I would have forgotten. Thank you. The guys at work stay up all night to keep the computers running. Not me! So, I would have forgotten.

So far I’ve reset 23 items, another 10+ did so automatically, and I have more than 10 more to do.

I agree with you!!

I’m mostly proud that I remembered to change the hall clock. Usually I don’t remember it’s there until DST comes around again!

What a stupid device that needs to be abolished. We’re not running factories by candlelight after dark anymore.

Does ANYONE actually want the time change anymore? If they ever did? I know, I know, kids waiting for the bus in the dark yadda yadda, but why is kids coming home in the dark not a problem, then? Growing up in MN, it was dark at either end anyway, time change notwithstanding. And anyway there are like half a dozen other reasons, none of which are particularly consistent with each other. Because it’s one of those clever, meddlesome ideas nobody actually wants–a solution in search of a problem. Leave DST in place, sez I.

It has never had anything to do with what the general populace WANTS. Government decisions are always formed by people with enough money to influence the vote/fund campaigns. They’ve spun many happy tales over the years about how DST betters people’s lives, but it’s all B.S. It honestly came down to early employers not wanting to light workspaces with expensive candles. Like I said, an antiquated practice that has long since lost its purpose.

I honestly don’t think it will last much longer. There’s a lot of talk about abolishing it altogether.

DST was first proposed in 1794 by Benjamin Franklin.

Modern day implementation began during the mid seventies energy crisis. It has never really been proven that it saves more than a minuscule amount of energy.

Personally I believe it is a plot by the morning people to make life hard on the night owls.


Some businesses in the leisure sector, like gold courses, benefit from the hour of daylight shifted to the after work period. We should do away with this time shift. I’ve read that the Monday following the loss of an hour in the spring is consistently marked by an increase in traffic accidents and heart attacks.

I’m lucky enough to be retired and avoid the Monday morning shock to my system. I remember it well.

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Same here, since I have retired I have pretty much done away with my clock.


I am retired also but has screwed up my body clock. Instead of waking up at 5 I woke up at 5:30. No alarms needed

People have a tendency to be more out and about when it’s daylight. Back in Calif In the summer going home traffic was spread out over a few hours, In the winter it would be deadlocked at a certain time period. More people also shop if it’s still light outside too. Stores gain with daylight at the end of the day.

Given that, we don’t do daylight savings time here and do just fine! And :grinning: I don’t have to change anything !!!

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The DST switch is crazy on a farm. IF you try to switch all of your chores to align with the switch every animal on the place is like WHAT, WHAT nooooo! Their internal clocks are set hard to the routine and getting them to change over is a several week long process.

LOL, The cows don’t need a clock, they know the time. Changing the clock doesn’t fool them.

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