Start 2nd session on day 9 for G6?

With my G4 I had 2 receivers so on day 6 I would start up my spare receiver so that I could go into an extended sensor session without a 2 hour warm up period & no data.
With the G6 can I do likewise? For instance, can I start with the Dexcom App on my iPhone then on day 9 start a session on my Dexcom Receiver to avoid the 2.5 hours without data while extending the sensor?
Or would a different app be simpler?
I would like to extend the sensor without even needing to pull the transmitter but maybe the new transmitter firmware will eliminate the possibility.

My next concern will be in 2.5 months of best way to extend use of transmitter until the battery actually dies.

So I finally started with the G6 and already got the “Sensor Error” on day 9 with my 1st sensor with 3+ hours of no data and a replacement sensor ordered via Tech Support.

Not that I’m aware of. With G4, the display of data is controlled by the receiver, so you get different sets of data on receiver that show BG and trend.

With G6, the transmitter is the brain. So a phone app or receiver will show same reading from G6 transmitter. If you restart sensor, the transmitter “resets”, and both app and receiver gets no data from transmitter during warmup.

May be possible using xDrip in non-native mode, but I haven’t been able to get it to work with the most recent transmitters, so end up with 2 hours without data.

You can use xDrip to reset transmitter, but not sure if Dexcom has prevented this with most recent G6 transmitters. I will try this with a 8G transmitter this week, now on day 86.