Started using my insulin pump for the first time

Hi All
Thanks for all your posts. Yes I started today had a few problems with an air bubble my blood reading before the start ( Cut my long acting lantus in half night before) was 17.5 mmol/L but now running at a regular 5.6.

Hope that the pump start goes well!

A good way to avoid air bubbles in the tube is to make sure you load the pump with room temperature (not cold) insulin.

hey that’s great!
have fun with your pump :slight_smile:
hope it makes your D less ugly and your numbers better ;p

Nice! It can be a bit intimidating at first, but you gradually become keen to the necessities of pumping. As for the air bubbles, this is what I do. I use room temp insulin. I inject the same amount of air into the vial, but not with the vial inverted so the air goes into the insulin. Then I draw the insulin sloooowly until I get the desired amount. At this point, I usually have one big bubble at the top bobbing around like a leveling tool. I flick the cartridge until the bubble centers itself. Then I slowly push that air bubble back into the insulin vial. Then, depending on how much I pushed out to get rid of the bubble, I just draw that much back in. Works for me every time and I rarely have any issues with air bubbles in my tubing at all. Always check before bed though

Thanks for info on air bubbles that I think was my problem (took straight from fridge). Not running so well today. I had a good start but after lunch the BS went to 18.5 and even adding my bolus did not assist. So I changed my infusion site and I am now finding a reduction. (no bubbles in tube). Reg