Starting a local support group

The nearest diabetes support group is 60 miles each way, so I decided to start my own.

I took the diabetes forecast article to my local small town newspaper, and they did a feature article on me and diabetes, including my announcement of the forming of the group.

Uploaded pictures of the article.


Great idea!! I hope that the group will get off to a good start! Keep us posted!

Lloyd, know that you have our 100% support. Good luck in this new journey in your life to help spread the awareness and support of Diabetes. We need more people with the “gimp” to step forward to make a stand for compassion.

Thank you Kristin and Jeffrey. I uploaded photos of the newspaper article.


This is phenomenal news, Lloyd!!! We need hundreds… THOUSANDS of groups around the world to offer support to others with diabetes who are disconnected from the diabetes community.

Thanks, Manny

I try to help where I can.

There are some sites that list meetings in every state!

Lloyd, you might want to join to promote your support group. They all sorts of templates (buiness cards, flyers, invitaion and etc) and resources for anyone wanting to start up a group or meeting in their city or town. I think this would be a great and wonderful resource for you.

This is just a great step. May I suggest to start a group here ; How to start your local group,so you put every step you take and update us,a way to help us how to start our groups and exchange informations with other members.Good luck.

Hey Lloyd - I did the same thing, as there wasn’t a group in my town. My group is still tiny, but growing. Good luck for the future, I hope it goes from strength to strength.