We all need support, don’t we?
Sometimes in this world things get in our way.
I have been out there looking for some kind of support and I am not talking money.
But we live our lives and we do what we have been for a while and when things happen sometimes we forget about what we have been trying to do.

A little story to help you understand.
Since I was told I had diabetes I have tried everything…
I have looked for local groups where I could go and have the support of people. You know when you start slipping someone to smack you and say get back on track. Not really but you know what I mean… So the doctors told me I had a very short time left if something didn’t get fixed, and it did. but then I was having one problem and it caused more, then I fell into a depressed state like everytime I try things happen but if I just live I feel better even tho I am getting worse. To what point do you just give up or keep going?

I was on here and found some people that was real exsited to stay and keep trying, but to find someone like that in the local area to help you stay on track would be great. I am just starting to get back on track again and it’s a battle that I am always fighting.

But I wanted to start something where people that are doing good can say Hea I’m here if someone in my area needs help and people can also say if someone can help me…

Let me start by saying I’m in chandler, AZ and I am looking for help right now and later I would like to help someone else.

I feel God uses everything we have gone though to help others, So right now I am building a test-a-mony…

I know David what you are talking about.Keep trying and do not ever give up.If you want to help people in your area look for groups in city council,in churches,some charity and through groups you can offer your help.God bless those who help others.

It’s a grass roots effort that can start with you, David. When I was a sophomore in college, I posted an editorial in the school paper asking if there would be interest in a support group for people dealing with diabetes on campus. I listed a time and date for our first meeting. We had a few people show real interest at the first meeting - faculty, staff, students. By the second and third meeting, it was down to three undergrads - Matt, Carrie, and me.

BUT, we helped each other so much over that school year. Matt was a Type 2, newly diagnosed who showed us the new way you could test on your arm and we helped him learn about his new condition. Carrie was the only pump wearer and convinced me to take a leap and get a pump and taught me how easy juice boxes were to carry in your purse. She answered the questions I was too nervous to ask my doctor. I was the fearless leader who organized us to walk as a team in a walk and spoke before the student council about how we could become a chartered organization. We went and spoke at our local ADA chapter. It was a fun year. Didn’t last, but I’ve been wishing I could find that ever since. Now I have TuDiabetes!

I’m too far away to be face-to-face support, but have you tried finding others on here from your area that you could meet with. I started the Tennessee Diabetics group a while back and I have recently organized a gathering for us. I’m not sure how many are going to be able to come, but because of this, I met another member on Friday night.
Go to the search area on the members screen and just type in your state and see what pops up. You might be surprised.

Hey David! I too am searching for the same type of support. Tu diabetes has helped. I’m still wanting to get a local group together. I’d like it to be a diabetes FUN group. We could be supportive of each other and enjoy each others company. Maybe meet once a week and one time a month do an outing. Let me know if you make any progress in getting a group together. I’ll let you know how I do.

“Test-a-mony” I like that. We have to test our sugars, God is testing us, and we can give Him the glory for what is going on. That’ll preach!!!

Take care and God bless.

Hi David,
I would suggest trying to talk to the Pastor of various churchs and see if you can get a notice in their bulletins or ask them to make an announcement to the congregation that you want to get a support group started. I would suspect that the local hospitals might have people on staff who would have some knowledge about this kind of group or be willing to help out with time, etc. Hospitals are often good places to get things started. It may be a project that their dietary service would be greatly interested in. Local and small newspapers also have places for public service announcements. Also radio stations with their various talk shows and disc jockeys may have a family member or loved one or friend who has diabetes and would benefit from a mention on the air as well. You never know until you ask like you have done on here. I am in awe of the local AA meetings here. I have a friend who goes and he tells me all the time what great support he gets there. Local veterans might have a need also for a diabetic group. I really wish you well and I wish for you to come back and let us know how you are doing. Maybe you can give guidance for how others can manage the same thing in their area. My very best to you.

I don’t have a good doctor, been looking for one. I have three doctors right now and no one seems to be helping me out that’s why I want to go to support groups. thinking other diabetics can help each other.
Right now i am in no shape to host a meeting, just looking to go to one. later once I get better control of my own maybe I can help.

That is cool to know thank you. I moved here from Nashville about 1.5 years ago.