Been recovering from Diabulimia for almost 3 weeks now, but today Iate like nothing's changed. I'm not mad about today as much as I'm scared to get overwhelmed allover again and that tomorrow I'd screw it up all once again. How can I stop myself ?! I need something/anything to keep my away from binge eating . I would appreciate any kind of help. Thanks :)

for now, go for a walk, take a shower, brush your teeth, get OUT of the house and away from the kitchen! i have never dealt with any kind of clinical diabulimia but binging and going high for a bit without insulin, yes! i try to get away from temptation physically, walking the dog, doing errands, chewing lots of gum on the way. if im doing it a lot, i start a log so i can keep track of things, as its easier to ignore everything if its not there for me to see!
you have done really well for three weeks, getting out of an eating disorder has got to be terribly hard! its not going to be a straight path to success, but youre on your way. if youre doing it alone, can you talk to your endo/cde/gp or anyone you trust to not be judgemental? dont give up because of one day, you can do it! you can start fresh right now. correct, keep calm and move on!

I worry about myself with food issues but I don't have anything as difficult as Diabulimia. Despite that, you certainly should not feel alone. There is a group here Diabetics with Eating Disorders. I would also recommend looking into Ginger Vieira's book "Emotional Eating." And you always need to remind yourself, every day is a new day. What happened yesterday doesn't matter, all that matters is the choices you make today.

Don't beat yourself up -- just get back on the wagon and look forward.

I had a horrible night last night. Had a day from hell, got home, threw all caution to the wind and drowned my sorrows with food. Haven't done that in a very, very long time. Bolused a ton of insulin for it, and still woke up 220, which soared to 300 after coffee even though I'd bolused a ton again to correct. Took me all morning to get it back under 100.

Once in a great while is not gonna hurt. The key is not achieving perfection, but rather "once in a great while". All of us, you too, can do that!

I have found some of the stuff here to be helpful