Starting Omnipod next week! nervous! Tips? Advice?

So my health insurance came through and my start up kit shipped today and I’m freaking out because I’ve always been MDI and in one week I feel like my whole life with diabetes is going to change and I’m just a little freaked out!

It has been one week since I started on the omnipod. I figure it will be a learning process. I have had a lot of lows this week. I am checking my blood sugar more. It has been nice not having to give myself 5 shots a day. I am hoping my blood sugar to be better. I have faith it will. Good luck. I think the pump is for the better :wink:

So freaked about lows… It just hit me all of a sudden that my life was about to completely change!

I don't think my life has completely changed. I am hoping for better control. The only major change has been not having to use a needle to give my insulin. Just work with your doctor on getting your basal levels controlled. We have had to change the levels once this week. Once again Good luck. I love the Omnipod, so far.

Relax, If you don't like it you can just go back to MDI. You may feel better if you know more, read books etc: Pumping insulin by J.Walsh is good.

I know… I think I have really hyped this moment up in my mind! I’ve waited a long time to get this and I am freaking out now that it’s finally time… Swear I freaked less at my second wedding!

My Omnipod rep suggested that book I’m looking for it on Amazon for Kindle right now!

I have been on the pump for > 8 years. I am working with pumpers. I am finishing "Pumping insulin" and I learned a TONE! It's good! I think it may be too complicated in some places for an average patient but no problem with skipping those or asking your endo for explanation.
Tomorrow tudiabetes has a videochat with the authors.
check this link
I think it may be a good opportunity to learn, just by looking at the answers etc.

Thank you I will have to check out the video chat!

Being nervous makes sense. It's a big change and your regimen is very personal. I made the switch back in February (after 27 yrs of shots) and I was anxious, But I adjusted quickly. For me, after only a few hours and I saw my blood sugar level was stable...and then certainly after the first 24 hours, I realized this works. And I don't miss shots. And I really love the fact that I can lower my basal rate for exercising or otherwise working hard and finally not have my blood sugar crash. You'll be fine - and ask lots of questions of the rep and trainer, and follow up with them in the days after with any concerns. They'll be there for you.

I was a 40 year MDI type. I've now been on pumps for 4 months. I was quite axious myself. And it does seem very different. At first I was concerned at the amount of work compared to my ritual of MDI, but the work soon became habit and it now is as easy as MDI.

Change is good! Change to Omnipod is Great! I wish i'd done it sooner. There will be some bumps in the road but they smooth out eventually.

I've been on a tubed pump for twelve years, with a couple of pump breaks during summers, and I was still very nervous starting the omnipod last week, so I can sympathize. I did find pumping insulin to be invaluable. And talking about the upheaval changes like this cause in our daily lives helped me. You are used to doing things all day long one way, I think it's natural to be nervous about changing a system you have. Keep talking about it and we'll cheer you on!!
Good luck!

I go “live” at 1pm tomorrow! I hope it will be the freedom I’ve been praying for for years… But I’m scared of severe lows… Failed pods… Dka… And just not being able to handle it all!

So, there are always bumps in the road when beginning pumping--you have to figure out if your basal rate is good for you, are your boluses good, when and what type of foods you need to give delayed boluses for (pizza and pasta), and know that your A1C's will rise for 6 months to a year, then get better.

Omnipod pumping is great because there are no tubes, it gives you the freedom of pumps, and tubeless. Know that you will need to experiment a bit with the body sites you want to use for insertion sites, but you should easily find 4 sites to rotate (arms, butt, abd, or thigh).
There are also some frustrations with "the pod" that happen, pump failures in the beginning can be more frequent, and you need to work with Insulet to see if they will replace these--it all depends on the type of failure, and you documentation, then sending the bad pods in, then getting replacement pods. But, in General, my 15 year old son has been pumping with Omnipods for 3 years, and he loves them, and only gets a pod failure every 20-30 pods, about 2-3 months.
Read the forums--I have seen ppl want to go to a tube system like medtronic, but the omnipod is elegant with its tubeless system, and, I feel you will really love its simplicity, freedom, and ability to control your BS and your life.
You will probably be checking you BS a lot more often, my son checks 6-8 times a day average---hes a teenage growing boy, always eating!

Good luck,

Dr. P

It will change for the better! I was MDI for 11 years, bunch of lows, A1c 8.5 in Jan of this year.
Started on the Pod in May, Results so far: Alc(Aug. 5.9, Sept 6.1),
4 bad pods(2 on filling, 2 while attached) and 1 occluded Pod. Insulin usage is down 40% overall and NO LOWS!!! The lowest I've hit is 70!
Don't be afraid to bug your doctor, push all the buttons on your PDM and learn where everything is, I tested 8-10 times a day for about a week until I got my basal tweaked to where I needed it. I was kicking myself after a week thinking "I should've done this YEARS ago!"
It took me 1 meal not to miss my MDI anymore!:)

This is a really good group to follow for tips and suggestions, I found quite a few tips just reading.

Good Luck!!

I start on the Omnipod on Oct 18th. I was also on MDI for 16 years. I am really excited to start, and hope to have better control. I am determined to make this work for me.

Good for you!
Pump may make your life easier with DM. I hope you will like it. Do not get discourage with some bumps on the road. They always happen.
Good Luck

I fully expect a learning curve, my trainer was very clear that it would be a transition,lots of fine tuning, many highs many lows, SO I am prepared, and I am not the giving up type.

Oh yeah day two I spent half the day today between my pump rep and my endo fixing my basal rates, carb ratios, and adding new basals! My body seems to react much harder to humalog all the time than leviemier once a day!!!