Starting on the insulin pump

My endo suggested I start on the insulin pump to help balance out my blood sugars and reduce the number of hypos I get. Can anyone tell me what using a pump is like and if it is a positive or a negative addition?

For me thus far, it’s been very positive. I went with the Minimed Revel and love it. It’s smaller than I anticipated and fairly easy to stash in my clothes (although I do have to think a bit more about what I’m wearing). The biggest advantage for me has been the ability to give myself really small doses, as I’m very insulin sensitive, and to easily adjust things based on my level of activity in a given day.

Katherine, here’s a Group with lots for you to read on the different pumps, and also a lot of links to pumping here on TuDiabetes. We also have videos. Let me know if you have an interest in any specific issues. I’ve been pumping 20 years, and I’d never go back to shots. It gives you flexibility is the greatest advantage to me.