Starting Out

As I said the last time I posted, I think I’m doing ok for a beginner.Thank you for all the encouragement everyone,it really helped my outlook on taking control of this.My question is this.As a beginner do most people deal with quite a few high numbers as they are learning the insulin,diet etc.?I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this ,but I guess reassurance helps me stay positive right now. I really need to work on not getting frustrated with the high readings,tonight I went to 230.Anyone who has experienced this type of reading in the beginning let me know please.Thanks again everyone!This site is awesome!

No Matthew, you’re not alone!! Nice to know I’m not either! I just recently had a 231…I feel like I should say, “nana nana boo boo” :b I find I really have a tough time maintaining control while at work and working in a restaurant doesn’t help~my meal times are so erratic. It’s tough and so very frustrating but hang in there and try not to be so hard on yourself. If you keep having unexplained highs, call your endo; you may just need to adjust your insulin/carb ratio.

Good Luck!!

I did and I still do, just wait until you mess up in the other direction :slight_smile:

Hi Matthew,
I think you are doing great. I want to tell you not to get discouraged, but we all do at times when we expect better from ourselves. Just remember anything can happen and will for the oddest reasons. One of the best and first things I learned was from my son. He started teaching me about triggers. Some “thing” can trigger a bounce in your blood sugar that you didn’t expect. It doesn’t have to be the same “thing” all of the time. It can and will vary. Things like being tired, loss of sleep, being aggravated at or by something or someone. There are just a lot of variables So hang in there and keep on going. And please keep on posting. It is great to hear how you are doing and I really think you are doing well.


it will take time to get adjusted to it,especially your basal rates… if you get a lot of highs, try to check on what particular time of the day this usually happens and when you know, try to check your basal rates prior to that time that it goes high… also, carb counting too… im not really good at it so i depend much on the labels on what it said, but you’ll know it eventually…

when i started pumping last march, i used to have frequent lows, coz my basal rates were set too high…so it depends…you need to get and read the book by John Walsh(pumping insulin) theres a lot to know there… great book…all you need to know about pumping…

i guess youre doin alright, but just be sure to check BG level regularly,so you can correct highs if you need to…

Good Luck… be safe…!

It really does take time. When I first started out, my big goal was to have my fasting bgl’s at or below 165. That was it. My bgl’s after eating would often hit the high 200’s. In time, with lots of testing, education about carbs & insulin & other factors, I got to where my goal was a fasting bgl of between 99 -115, with my bgl’s rarely going higher than 180 two hours after eating. That goal took 3 years to achieve.

Take the time you need to learn and adjust. Lots of small steps make big improvements over time.


Welcome to the club. Not only did I experience high readings at the beginning, I still do even five years later. It’s part of the package.

It’s easy to get frustrated, but the fact is that high numbers come sometimes even though we’re trying as hard was we can and doing everything right. When the highs come just try to figure out what happened - what did I eat? how much? how long ago? what was I doing? when did I inject? - and remember that the number is not YOU. It’s just a number. It’s going to change but you’ll still be here.

And as Stephen P says - wait until you mess up the other direction. hoo boy.

Keep up the good work. Never stop trying.


Type 1 for 41 years and pumping for 5, I still have highs and they still bug me. Today I soared to 280 and have not had a number like that in a while and boy it bugged me. I did a low correction for me of 3.2 units, but when I am high like that I really need about 5 units, but I was going to a meeting at work and did not want to go low, so I was pretty agitated during the meeting. On my way home I was 180 so dang it I needed that 5 units, so by now I am at my 4th hour of high bgs, :(. I decided not to bolus because I wanted to exercise when I got home, sister called, she is a talker, hmmmm, kinda like me, and I said I gotta go, she whined, why? I said come on I gotta go, she kept talking, CINDY, I gotta ride, my bgs is HIGH!!! OK BYE!!! :frowning: So now I am 5 hours at a high bgs, grrrrr. Ride for 1/2 hour lovely night :). 77 bgs, 6 hours later. :frowning: Ahhhhhh!!!

Well I realize kids are probably a little different, but yes we have highs and even so have been able to maintain an a1c in the low 6s. When we went from injections to pump we saw higher highs than ever, but they corrected really quick (for the most part). I just spent last night correcting high 200s and 300s - that’s rare, but it still happens…


Hi, Matt-Yeah, you’ll get it down! I’ve had this for 13 years and I just corrected a 270 reading about an hour ago (ate dinner at a restaurant…only had a salad…ugh!). It’s just a matter of carefully recording your sugars, adjusting your basals and seeing how you react to different foods and exercise. It takes so much patience because you have to look for patterns. But you can do it! And you’ll feel really good when you do!