Starting the Pump. A bit Scared...Need some help

So Im scheduled to start to Pump this week . I have the Minimed Paradigm. [no cgm yet]

I’ve been anxious about starting. What really prompted me to start pumping was a nasty Lantus low. Injected into a vessel and went from 170 to 30 in 10 Min…needed glucagon, the works…

I’ve been hooked up with some Saline Solution, and have been giving this bad boy a test drive for the past week-ish. Things have gone well, a lot to learn, but was stoked to get started on some insulin with this thing.

THEN I read a few stories of pumps Malfunctioning. Emptying the whole cartridge contents at once! Read here in the forums about a guy who died from this while sleeping… All these stories scare the hell out of me, now Im nervous as can be.

Anyone have problems with their pumps? Anyone have some comforting words? haha. How common are these “malfunctions”?

Any words of wisdom, or comforting snippets would be greatly appreciated!

I have been pumping for almost 15 years now, and never had anything remotely close to this happen! I have worn a couple minimeds, as well as a couple Animas ones, and have been very pleased. Take a deep breath, you’re going to be fine:)

I have been pumping insulin for the last 7 years and have had diabetes for 43 years and I use the MM paradigm as well and no trouble with it, but remember, a pump is still not a cure. I believe a lot of the malfunctions were related to their recalled infusion sets, I was not happy, but I did not have issues, but some people did, but that issue has been resolved and I am still on the pump.

I just remembered to switch over from saying 42 years, so there :stuck_out_tongue:


HOORAY for you! Congrats and good luck! I LOVE my pump and have never had a severe problem. Minor, yes. Like clothes clips breaking and a recall of quick sets that I never had problems with. I have a Medtronic MiniMed 722 pump and it’s purple!!! Don’t let the exceptions scare you; just be cautious not to misuse the pump. I also have to say that they have been really great about replacing parts or quick sets and they even set me up with a foundation that pays for my supplies other than insulin. Wonderful people for the most part. Of course, there are a few turkeys out there … like everywhere else!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI


I have been using Minimed pumps for 10 years. Starting the pump is undoubtedly the best decision I have EVER made for myself. I have not needed glucagon since I started the pump and have only had one instance of a real severe low and it was because of some basal changes I needed to make.

As for pump malfunctioning, I have had some mechanical problems with my pump in the past but the key is to always disconnect when you prime, and to always be aware of your blood sugars. Always make sure you have syringes and back up insulin in case something happens to your pump. I ALWAYS have Lantus in the fridge just in case!

I have to reiterate that it is the absolutely best thing I have ever done for my diabetes. The pump will make your life a lot easier and give you so much more flexibility in your every day life!!

I’ve bee pumping for 14 years with 4 pumps and no pump has wigged out. If you keep an eye on BGs the pump won’t be a problem. The nice thing is that you won’t be chasing ups and downs once you master the magic.

You will learn more than you can imagine so be patient and post to let us know how it goes.


I’ve been pumping since 1987. I’ve used several MiniMed pump and am now on the Animas Ping. Relax - don’t worry about the exceptional case. Today’s pumps are extremely reliable. You now have within your hands the ability to match the metabolic ebb and flow that your body wants. It’s your job to match that dance! Good luck.


We put my 2-year-old on a Minimed pump last August. Our very first experience was with defective cartridges that allowed air into the infusion set, so he was sky high most of the time. But the manufacturer was very helpful and we cleared it up over time. I can’t imagine that the mechanical malfunctions you heard about are very common (or indeed that they’re any more common than human error!)

I was 8 so yes that makes me 51, holy crapola!!!

I’ve been on the pump for close to 11 years now(23) and I’ve NEVER had a malfunction of that magnitude(the worst I’ve had has been a “no delivery error” lol).

I never really spent that much time with shots, it was roughly 2 months before I got my first pump and I’ve been on them ever since. As for pumping, it makes life SOOO much easier. Sure it takes some time to adapt to trusting the pump(bolus wizard), but eventually once you get everything dialed in, you will hardly notice it at all.

I am a MM pumper since 2001 with regular upgrades , even having a pump now and warrenty has run out …feel very comfortable wearing the 522 .Know what to do , when YOU , the pumper errrs .Educate yourself constantly .I know one fellow , who had his 507 model for over 10 years, till he finally decided to upgrade .
I know several cases , type 1 , NOT pumpers , who died too young . It’s Diabetes , that is the concern .

The only thing you should be worried about is blood sugars that are too normal! I use a 522 and can honestly say that it is foolproof if you closely monitor your sugars. You need to be in tune with your body and make adjustments to your basals as you see fit. The variability is eliminated on the pump…push a few buttons and your blood sugar magically appears where it should be!

I think dangerous pump malfunctions are incredibly rare - probably less rare than simply accidentally injecting too much with a needle while sleepy or not paying close enough attention (e.g., giving yourself a meal shot twice after forgetting the first one).

Congrats on your choice of the MM722. I have the same pump. Don’t worry about what you read. I have been pumping now for 4 months so I am new too and have adjusted fine to the pump. First day some lows but after a basal change no more problems except for unexplained highs and unadjusted carbs, my fault. Other than that you should like the experience. One other thing I am using the quicksets and have had no problems other than my stupid mistakes some times. Use IV Prep or Skin Tac for better adhesion.

I have been pumping using the minimed for about 7 years. Trust me, if i could mess it up, I would have. I know this is easy for me to say, but you will be just fine.

rick phillips

Thanks sooo much everyone for all the responses! They’ve truly helped!

I realize that statistically, I stand a better chance of being taken out in a car crash or having a tree fall on me…haha…

I guess the nerves were are a mixture of, new device not truly understanding it… needing to rely on technology a little gadget to keep me alive [very strange]… and the fact that I needed glucagon a couple months ago.

The glucagon was probably the kicker, standing there watching my BG drop from 170 to 30 in 10 min. [even with an entire bottle of glucose tabs, and half a carton of orange juice in me] convinced I was just “watching myself die…” really messed with my head. Put this fear into me. Not wanting to EVER feel that helpless again has made me question everything I do with my diabetes.

BUT now Im as ready as can be and excited for the pump!

So again, Thank you all so much!

hey! i have an animas pump. its great! i used to have a cozmo (which is no longer made) and had a few malfunctions, but nothing major. like, the screen went blank and it sounded some alarm. lol since id never heard it before it took FOREVER to figure out the sound was comming off me. but ive not had any problems at all with animas.
good luck!