I got a job! so will my sugar's go down?

hello everybody! I know I haven’t posted in a while. for the past 3 weeks I was unemployed for the 2nd time in 4 months. I have finally found a job that is starting me temp first. It is actually a challenging job with a wonderful company. the think I like about this company is that it seems to want to solve problems instead of just letting them sit and become problematic. I can appreciate that.

because I consider everybody on this page a friend I wanted everybody to know. Now for the past several weeks my BS levels have been running on the higher side. so I have been injecting more insulin. Should I expect my BS levels to go down since I am not so stress about not having a job anymore?


Who knows? Maybe the excitement of working in a challenging new job will keep your adrenaline up as well, which keeps your BGs up. Nobody can predict what will happen, and it would differ from person to person anyway.

Just keep a good eye on your sugars and control them as best as you can – the one thing I can say for sure about diabetes is that it’s NEVER predictable!

well that’s great news congrats! hopefully having a job is less stressfull than looking for one. good luck

First of all…congratulations! Secondly…don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Yes, the stress of being unemployed is gone, but who knows what stress levels your new job might created…take it one step at a time!
Enjoy your new status! :slight_smile:

Thank yall so much!! This is the job I wished I had gotten about 2 years ago. I had so much energy at that time and super interest.