Tandem Control-IQ Review! (Artificial Pancreas - Hybrid Closed Loop)

Thank you Celia for this amazing review. And thank you Kerri for posting it!!! I can’t wait for Control-IQ !!!


Great quote:
“A good visual description of the effect Control IQ has on me is to imagine the statue of Atlas with the world on his shoulder. Now imagine someone pushed the world off his shoulder. That’s what it felt like after the first few weeks with Control IQ running on the Tandem Pump”


I’m not happy about this comment of hers," The Control IQ software gets bG data from the CGM and makes basal rate adjustments as quickly as every 5 minutes and also gives me boluses of 60% of the calculated amount needed, once an hour, during the day only"

Sometimes I get quite high at night and had expected Control IQ to help me control high bg’s around the clock.

I’m hoping that “During the user-programmed sleep hours, no boluses are given.” would allow me to program no sleep hours.

Does anyone know how flexible the sleep-hours feature is? ie, can I set it so that there are no “sleep-hours”?

Let’s wait for more details. In the meantime, lets focus on all the POSITIVES from that review.

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I don’t want to wait. I’d like to know. Is that ok with you? Maybe someone who knows more, can share.

Whether I’m purchasing a toaster, a car, or a medical device I consider both the pluses AND minuses of the item. To not consider any possible negatives, to me is being an uninformed, or disinterested consumer. For medical devices, the cost of making a mistake in choices is too high to be blase about it.

The Control-IQ would give BASAL during the night but not BOLUS.

Tim, did u notice the comments in the review about settting the sleep time? Doesn’t that imply we can reduce or eliminate defined “sleep time”?

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Yeah - That is the first I even heard a whisper about that. It leads to more questions.

I get you want to know more info but I also get what @anon85331563 is saying. This is one report from one user who was in the clinical trial. We need to wait for more information. Otherwise it is mostly guess-work and speculation.

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Thanks for posting a link to this trial participant’s review of the Tandem Control-IQ system. Automated insulin dosing is a revolution in insulin dosing. This technology is going to markedly improve the health and well-being of people who use insulin.

My only quibble with the Control-IQ system is that it doesn’t permit users to set their own customized glucose targets. I assume this conservative stance is due to regulatory concerns and that future iterations will enable this user customization – learning to walk before learning to run.

This system is not of immediate personal interest to me since I’m already using the do-it-yourself hybid system, Loop. I set my target to 83 mg/dL(4.6) and can still avoid most hypos with 80+% time in range 65-120 mg/dL (3.6-6.7). I often wake up under 100 mg/dL (5.6).

I’m keeping my eye on Tandem’s Control-IQ rollout as I think a new under-warranty pump will be appealing to me, especially since I’m entering my senior years. I’m thinking the successor to the Control-IQ system will provide that to me.

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@Terry4 - You might actually prefer the current Basal-IQ algorithm.

I see the appeal of the predictive low suspend of the Basal-IQ but I need protection on the upside, too. I know I can do this with careful observation and appropriate manual corrections but I’ve realized that I can’t compete with a dispassionate computer that makes a calculation and decision every five minutes.

This is at the heart of the success of any automated solution. Quality of life blossoms once you can pay less attention and get better results.

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Tandem company earnings is scheduled for Feb 26th, in just a few weeks. They usually provide more details on future products and current trials. I’ll post any more details as I find them.



As is fairly obvious now, there will be a trade-off as there is in most things.

Basal-IQ (currently available) will allow lower BG numbers. So if one is already quite expert at managing high BG and manually knocking down the BG quickly, the Basal-IQ is great at preventing lows and for overnight via Basal suspends. Right now with Basal-IQ, we are almost always waking up straight line at 80 BG. This is pretty amazing.

The Control-IQ (launch forecast Summer 2019) will add a great deal of automation including basal suspend as well as both basal and bolus increases. Control-IQ will work on both high BG and low BG. This is going to be great for the vast majority of people interested in Tandem pumps. However the trade off (as obvious from the review that @anon85331563 posted) is the target BG will be higher in Control-IQ then Basal-IQ.

Although not mentioned in the review, I believe the waking and non-exercise target BG will be 112 for Control-IQ.

Tandem has already publicly stated that this first release of Control-IQ is not the end of the road. They will continue to work on it, enhance it and make it better.


That is amazing. A completely non-diabetic waking glucose. I love when that happens. I woke up at 86 (4.8) this morning.

I didn’t realize that the BG target for Control-IQ was higher than the Basal-IQ.

Basal-IQ accomplishes one crucial phase of overall glucose control. Staying in range while sleeping improves the likelihood of a better waking day. It makes possible all the repairs that a body can do when you get a good night’s rest.

It wasn’t her opinion. It was her statement about a feature, but she didn’t expound upon it.

Absolutely agree. That is huge.

The impact seems bigger than I would have otherwise suspected so I do wonder what else is going on. Biologically speaking. All the human systems are so incredibly complex that I do not pretend to understand them. But I can see effects.

That makes sense to me. Using micro boluses as automated correction boluses are surely more problematic than basal adjustments. I know they are when done manually!! :slight_smile:

A feature I greatly look forward to.

Awesome. thanks (IA).

This is also how I interpreted that quote.

It would increase basal, adjusting every five minutes, but would only provide boluses during the day.

I’m OK with that for a first-generation closed-loop system. Hope it comes to Canada very soon after its US release!!! I think this system would change my life.

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Looks as though the Trial results are coming this Friday. They are early. :slight_smile:

Boris Kovatchev is founder of TypeZero, the algorithm in the upcoming Control-IQ.