Still have pain with sure t

8mm sure t trail again. still hurts!! i dont mind the pain, i can deal with it if its getting the job done but numbers seem to be running higher. is pain normal? i worry the 6mm wont be as reliable.

Hi Andrea, I'm a new pumper and would like to know why you think the 6mm will be less reliable. I may be talking stupid (tend to do that sometimes) but it seems to me that if your having pain you may be hitting muscle and in that case wouldnt the 6mm be better.


I guess so. My numbers seem to be running a bit high. Idk what to do. I am a semi new pumper as well. Sometimes I miss mdi

Are you experiencing colder temps? I really have to crank my basal up in the winter for the colder weather. Currently I have a temp basal rate of 140%.

Wow I never thought of that. Never had the pump for winter yet…this is my fist year. I got it in may. How does it compare to your spring time doses. Hate to raise them so high because I have been experiencing weight gain and feel like my basals are contributing to that

I haven't been away from mdi long enough to miss it but I have been having issues with bent cannulas on the 9mm Quick sets. I tried out a Silhoutte last time and had no problems with it. I changed to a 6mm Quickset this morning and so far it is working fine. I suspect that I have been hitting muscle with the 9mm one.

I have wondered what are the advantages of the longer cannulas.

My spring and summer basal's can drop as low as .800 but usually not lower than .700, but my winter ones can go up considerably. This is my second winter with my pump and I had been doing pretty good until this last couple of weeks not needing to increase them. Currently I'm running as high as 1.15 an hour. It may be the cannula's as well too. I don't really have any scientific method of adjusting my basals, but I just kinda start inching it up, till I find something that works. Of course you are talking to someone whose been diabetic, almost 28 years, I kinda fly by the seat of my pants. If you are newly diagnosed you might not be quite at the comfort level yet.

I’m using the 8mm but might go to 6mm…could the cannula too long be causing high numbers?

I have no experience with the Sure T so I might be talking trash but if the tip of the 8mm is in muscle I would think that might affect absorption due to inflammation.

It makes sense. How do I know which size to use

I don't know Andrea. I think most decide through trial and error. Maybe some of the more experienced pumpers could give some insight.

I've used the 13mm Silhouettes for a while, I think I opted for a longer one as I'm not really bothered by needles but like to feel as if the thing is stuck in all the way so it will work better. I was bigger when I started using them but, since they go in at an angle, it's pretty easy to make sure they don't hit anything. The CGM needles are a bit dicier, I suspect they hit all sorts of stuff.

I’m wearing a sample 6mm sure t now…feels like nothing compared to the very painful 8mm. I am the same as you and like to know its in there, but I am liking the painlessness. Maybe I needed a 6mm all along.