Stock up on Insulin before US vs Iran war?

Wile a poo hits the fan situation such a cyber attack could fun for everyone else getting a break from the daily grind, such as what happens with major storms, for us it could be a life or death problem.

The bulletin says be prepared for cyber disruptions.

We all know those turds at the pharmacy behave if the computer is down.

I think it might be a good idea to stock up.

Just how resilient is the internet ?

Sure there is sneaky stuff but has anyone ever tried to break it before in an act of war, I don’t think so.

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Fear monger much?


I dont think it is fearmongering at all. Whether it is this conflict or another, cyber crime is something to which we are particularly vulnerable. Anything that disrupts the supply chain could be devastating.


Iran is good at what they do. They don’t have much, but they have that. They probably wont do anything, but its helpful to be prepared. Computers break all the time. They are much easier to break than they are to keep running. We probably know better than anyone - if you have ever depended on goofy computer business processes to grant you access to vital medications.

I’ve felt ok about being on an old fashioned device lately.

I worry most about hospital networks. They are under attack constantly. They are commonly breached. People get in. Usually they are looking for financial gain. But, there can be other motivations. Sometimes people break stuff by accident.

Iran’s a big player in cyber attack. They like to play there.

Someone jail broke my buddy’s iPhone this week. I was relieved it wasn’t me. He thinks they entered through the cloud. I think they found a vulnerable application on his phone. Its best to limit the number of frivolous applications you have running on a critical, insulin delivering system on a phone.

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Cyber war will be our next war. Russian, Chinese, and other already have developed means of taking down power grids etc. We have the same power.

If I were an insulin dependant Diabetic in the USA and was inclined to be concerned about retaliatory cyberattacks, I don’t think the American healthcare system would be high on the list of Iranian targets.

On the other hand, anything is possible, and the worst-case scenario would be Iranian hackers shutting down an entire power grid. Not just the lights, but also the internet and all communication systems.

Lets not talk about this on the internet. We don’t want anybody to know we exist and that we might have cause for concern.

Is war a possibility? Sure but I feel nowadays, it is always a possibility. It’s been like this for a good 20 years. So I just keep plugging along and stockpile when I can. It’s not like the insurance companies are going to let us start buying more insulin.
I have my stockpile but I have always thought it was for the zombie apocalypse!


People Worried They’d Be Drafted Into a War With Iran Apparently Crashed the U.S. Selective Service Website. … “Due to the spread of misinformation, our website is experiencing high traffic volumes at this time.

Wars have been a threat for a short time only: about 4-5 thousand years.

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Indeed. But the nature of warfare has changed.

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Last I checked, people die and wars never solve conflict. So what has changed?

Dave is right, wars have be fought since the beginning of time. The question, has there been a bad enough provocation to cause Iran to invite mass destruction of their country.

While they are all ticked off right now do you think they are willing to escalate and invite the kind of damage that the USA is capable of.

I am interested in knowing what the disaster plan is regarding insulin in the case of any disaster natural or man made.

That last person you want to be if something bad is happening is the person telling me to go home and die cause the computer is down you can’t have your medicine. Of course I am going home with it, I would have nothing to loose at that point by taking action.

As much as the system sucks there must be a plan in place to avoid that scenario.

Of course its on me to avoid that scenario in the first place by having a supply to weather a storm man made or natural.

The way in which we kill each other has changed. The damage we can inflict from afar has changed. Our power grid has been vulnerable for ages, but we do little to secure it. How much of an effort would it take for Iran or anyone else to disrupt our way of life without even physically being here, or launching a projectile we can see to counter?

I’m not in a panic. I’m a realist. One day those chickens will come home to roost, for someone. For all I know we will be the baddies - we certainly are acting like it right now.


I am just going to google insulin disaster plan and see what I find. Best to know what it is.

This would be a wise move.

As far as disaster plans. I would bet that pharmacy’s have a back up plan when the computers fail. Business was done before computers and can be again. Might take a while. I have a plan for myself, everyone should.

“Unfortunately, unforeseen challenges existed. For example, when a relief agency actually managed to get 10,000 vials of donated insulin to the area, a conscientious inspector impounded the shipment because the shipper could not produce proof that it had remained refrigerated during its entire transit, as according to the label. Thus, people in the affected areas were in need of a product that was in the area but in quarantine. This situation was unfortunate and represents an example of the bureaucratic misunderstanding that was very evident in the aftermath of this disaster. It is well established and approved by FDA that insulin is stable for 28 days at room temperature after it leaves the pharmacy, and this particular shipment was likely to be used within weeks, if not less.”

Katrina, read more

"This situation was unfortunate and represents an example of the bureaucratic misunderstanding "

“Unfortunate” ? Who writes this stuff atrocity is a better word.

“Misunderstanding” how about blunder of epic proportions by an incompetent who should have lost every licence they had and never been allowed to work in heath care again.


I just wish that we, insulin dependent diabetics could organize and go to “war”

7.5 million of us in the US alone, we out number the military forces of the US China And Russia combined.

Yet “nothing” can be done about being charged over $300 for a product that costs less the $5 to manufacture ?

There is something wrong with that.