Stomach constipation problems all sudden


hi recently iv been experiencing stomach and constipation problems and acid. i have not been able to go toilet properly also my stomach never feels hungry literally which is really worrying and scary also i feel as thow food is not going down sometimes feel stuck up my throat and if i manage to go toilet its never normal. my blood sugar were never perfect last time i went doc he said my control is a bit high he never said my sugar level were crazy out of control for a diabetic type 1 for some reason iv always found maintaining my sugar levels really hard im on novorapid and levemir please feel free to message me or post on here


Have you been referred to a Gastroenterologist? That is what I would recommend. And yes diabetes and stomach issues can go hand in hand.


I have had many of these issues, I suggest as another commentator suggested and see a gastroenterologist. As a type 1 for many years I can tell you that this is not rare and there are ways to help.



I don’t think issues like this are rare for any human regardless of diabetes…


I agree see a doctor ASAP. Nancy