"diabetic stomach"

So for a couple months or so now i have been having some serious stomach issues. I have been to the ER multiple times and every doctor i have seen says they can not do anything for me. There was one doctor who never even spoke to me but when she discharged me from the hospital, the papers i received said i had an ulcer though they never did anything to check for an ulcer.
My dad was reading a diabetes magazine and came across what was called “diabetic stomach”. It sounded a lot like what i have been going through and i really just want an answer,
Does anyone know anything about this?

Hi Taylor,

I don’t know what “diabetic stomach” means. There’s a condition called gastroparesis, that’s a form of neuropathy effecting the vagus nerve that controls stomach emptying. Gastroparesis is delayed stomach emptying. Diabetics get gastroparesis & non-diabetics also.

Symptoms can vary. I have gastroparesis. Some people experience pain after eating, especially after large meals. There can queasiness, sharp pains, feeling bloated, vomiting. Is this what you’re going through?

Yah that is pretty much what i am going through. mornings are usually the worst though. i barely move in the morning cause if i stand up i feel more sick and lightheaded. it takes forever for me to eat because i almost always feel sick. i cannot stand it.

Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry.

Does it make a difference how you feel in the morning depending on what you ate for dinner? Gastroparesis, if this is what you have, is typically worse at night. What helps me is not eating a lot of protein or fat for dinner because this slows down digestion even more. I eat light dinners & don’t eat 4-5 hours before bed. For a while, I ate soup or protein shakes for dinner. Eating a lot of fiber isn’t good, if you are.

The other problem with gastroparesis is that it makes really hard to time insulin to meals because food takes so long to digest. That’s how mine was diagnosed. I was going super low after meals & then highs late (when food digested & insulin was gone.

I would try to visit a gastroenterologist, and perhaps get them to talk to your doctor/endo.
Another thing, if food does not get ‘digested’ properly, you actually start a 'fermentation; process.
You should now seek specialist help.
If it is gastroparesis, it suggests that in general the nerves are being affected.
Thus, please evaluate your overall management program, and ensure it is optimal.
Get your endo to state whether this is clearly the case (or not), and get them to tell you that you are, in fact, on the best care program possible !!: in terms of frequency of his asseessments, evaluations, hba1c checks etc.
good luck

There are strong indicators for Gastroparesis and I recommend to visit a specialist to get a diagnosis. But it is also possible that you have coeliac disease. It is common in type 1 diabetics but I am not sure about the likelyhood. The only known effective treatment is a lifelong gluten-free diet. You can try gluten-free diet for some weeks to find that out.

You should get the book Diabetes Solution from Dr. Bernstein, his book talks about it. Hope you get well soon.