Story written by us! I will start,you add your own line

The child was stubborn: No injection today or ever.His Mum was desperate but he said: No more insulin…

But then he watched Grandma giving herself her insulin shots.

He did not care.He decided that was that, NO MORE

He gave his Mum a tissue, grabbed his ball and out the door he went.

Insulin is a magic liquid. It helps you to have energy to run and play and have fun.

then, something happened. He opened a little bit…

He came back tired,played for a while out in the garden,he asked his mother for a deal: only one shot a day!!!

But he than replyed I think i CAN i think i CAN and he did everything he was supposed to DO from than on.

Eventually, with the cooperation of all of the scientists, doctors, governments and people in the world, Dr. Faustman was able to find a cure for diabetes.

Thanks to Dr. Faustman & her great team, the little boy grew up in diabetes free world. Because he hated shots so much as a child, he invented a new delivery system that didn’t use needles for treating any sickness. The young man became very wealthy from his invention & used to wealth to assist poor people in getting medical treatment.

A move which caught the attention of many politicians who thought, ‘hey, why don’t we make medication and supplies always available to those who need it, even if they can’t afford it.’

That little boy grew up and became a man who decided to help others. He decided to make sure people who needed help had access to it.

Meanwhile, in the boardroom of Ginormous Pharmaceutical Company, Inc., CFO Ivanna Beerich was furrowing her brow. . .

We will go bankrupt!!! diabetes was a big money for us!!!

Angelo & Mary joined where they found all the support they needed.

Mary &Angelo were amazed by the support they found from everybody.They supported the foundation by donating money,a gesture of support & love.

Mary was miserable in the orphanage,hiding food under her pillow to eat at night because she was not allowed sweets and other niceties other children were allowed.She felt lonely…

Mary went to bed with big peice of sweet in her mouth…

her blood glucose climbed high while she was sleeping and