Strange encounters with test strips

I leave a trail of test strips wherever I go. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

Lately they’ve also started following my sister (who is also my roommate). She finds a lot of them in her cube at work, I think she picks them up on the bottom of her feet. That would make sense, since there’s never a shortage of test strips laying around the floor… or anyplace else for that matter.

Some other interesting places they turn up:

-there are always a few in the washing machine and shower, usually the dishwasher is good for one as well

-in my bed, where they then stick to me and end up in other interesting places (this morning I found one in the toilet).

-all along my route to work. I’ve been bike commuting lately, and I have a few favorite pit stops where I always test. I never fail to find a strip or two at each stop (and yes, I always pick them up)

My favorite: the other day, I stepped out on the front porch and was very amused to find a test strip right in the center of the welcome mat.

So where do yours end up?

EVERYWHERE!!! I cant seem to stop them from following me around the house. In my shoes, in the bottom of every purse i own i can find at least one. Until recently, i thought it was just me. I had no idea that this is a common problem that plagues my fellow testers. I still dont know where they are coming from. I think for every strip i throw away, 4 more appear in various places.
My husband woke up with one stuck to his back the other day…

I always test at my kitchen table, but a couple months ago I found 4 in the bathtub drain…

Usually on the floor by the garbage can…the NBA won’t be calling me anytime soon.

We find them everywhere, in the vents under the edge of the cabinets, in the washer/dryer, stuck in the grooves of our shoes and in the cats litter box etc. I am going to build somthing with the empty containers any suggestions?? LOL

I dound one in the hair dryer vent. Go figure…

i totally have this same issue! actually it never really seems to bother me, but most of my past roomies have commented on it :slight_smile: im trying to keep better track of them now, though, cuz im using them for a piece of artwork im creating.

I went to the restroom on Saturday because I felt something weird in my underwear–turned out it was a test strip–guess it was stuck to my rump or something. Usually I find them in the more conventional places!

There are always a fewon my bedroom floor. I share a room with my lil sis and she yells at me every time she sees one. She also goes to tell my grnny and then I get in trouble by her(: And they are by the trash can and on the counter where I test. Never in the washer, dryer, shower, bed, or the blow drier(: