Strange or Odd places you have found your Test Strips?

I have a bad habit of not throwing my test strips right out when I am done with them.

Where are some of the places you have found them?

My wifes hair
I think if you checked my car and couch you’d find 10 or so.
One was stuck to my back for a whole day pressed into my skin… lol

I keep them(the used ones that is) in my glucometer case when I am somewhere where I can’t find a garbage.

taking off my bra at night one fell out :wink:

In my shoe.
I bet there are TONS hidden in or underneath the couch.
stuck to my leg (under my pants)
my fiance’s back.
In the planter box.
…I’m sure there’s more

The question is “Where haven’t I found them?”

Where have I found them:

Girlfriend’s bed (don’t ask)
Coat pockets
Pants pockets
Bottom of laundry machine
All over the car
All over my office
In the elevator lobby at work
My refrigerator
A purse my ex-wife had not used in several years

My dog’s mouth!
In the car under the driver’s seat.
Bottom of purse.
Coat pocket.
At the bottom of the Christmas tree ornament box (one from the previous year!)

i’m pretty tidy with my diabetic supplies (wish i could say the same with my bedroom… cough). however, right now, i have a clean/un-used test strip… in my keyboard!!! a whole dollar! stuck in between the keys! lol

The xmas ornament box… lol I bet I have some in there too!

You are so right, where haven’t I found one.

After the snow melts there are usually a few in our parking lot. Maybe they will grow a meter tree!

LOL I was just wondering what was in my shoe… you guessed it.

I’ve been thinking about taking an empty strip bottle, peeling off the sticker, and writing the word used on it… then putting my used strips in there until I need to empty them.

In my work & handbags
in the car
in my pockets
and in my meter bag (when I’m out and about)

One day I was in the shower, and when I looked down there was a test strip at my feet. I guess it had been stuck to me, and it fell off once I got in the shower. Otherwise, just the usual places - the bed, all over the house, in the car. My husband makes fun of me and likes to say I poop test strips.

In the slot machines at work( I worked in a casino for a while), I would see them laying in the bottom of the game, lucky strips :>)

There everywhere, everywhere I tell ya! LOL. I always seem to find one as I am walking into work. Plus a coworker is also a diabetic and his strips seem to make that same path into work. Pretty funny for both of us!

You don’t even want to know!

underneath one of my boobs O.o

I think I found one there once too!

Uhh, I mean mine, not yours…

My car window went out and my brother took off the panel to the car door only to have a hundred or so strips fall out. Who knows… lol

I found one in the kitty litter box last night! It was not attached to any cat waste so I assume it got stuck to her paw when she was walking into the box yesterday. I have also found one floating in the water dish that the cat and dog share that is in my kitchen!

I just found one in my better half’s boxer and sock drawer!