Where is the weirdest place you found one of your gluclose test strips?

Hi all I thought it might be funny to tell stories of the weirdest places we found one of our test strips at. I had one stuck to my shoe and I was walking in the movie theater with it! How bout you??? Ever had one show up in a weird place???

Besides the usual places around the house, car and office, I found the dog working her jaws on something. I told her to “spit it out” and out popped a mangled test strip.

In the dryer lint trap. Weird, because I never put them in any pockets.

In the waste oil pan.

On the ground at a bus stop that I frequent. It might not have been mine, but it probably was. :slight_smile:

In the kitty litter box was pretty high on that list : s !


In the dishwasher! Must have fallen on to a plate or something, found it stuck to the door!

My youngest daughters diaper

A diaper wins the prize!

at least it was in the front and I know she didn’t eat it. LOL. Same child has been seen inserting them into her nose and ears.

LOL! A friend’s son puts pennies up his nose. They’ve been to the ER for penny removal.

A Friend said she found one in her Baby’s carseat. I said it’s a Big world. It could be anyone’s. :smiley:

ROTFL!!! Not about the pennies in the nose, the test strip in the diaper!!! I guess the weirdest place I have found them has been in my laptop case… and they could be found all over my car, even in the glove compartment.

God Bless,


I’ve found a test strip bottle in the washing machine, from being left behind in a pocket, emergency candy too.

I have found them in my tool box drawers

I have found them in my chemical storage

I have found old outdated strips deep inside my car’s trunk hiding with the spare tire

Below the bathroom sink too

That is about all I can think of

In booth in a restaurant. And it was not mine. All i could do was think was, “I hope your number was good!”, “And how many carbs did you choose?”

OK I wish I could find the video of a friend of mine who when a little tipsy put one of those high strength magnets in each nostril. Had to have 2 people holding his head still and pliers shoved up his nose to get them out.

leave mine in all the time from testing on the go at wotk

Haha I found one in my flower pot which was holding a baby cactus. Besides that they are all over the house.

Oh, it could have been you Realsis77. I got up from my theater seat when the lights came on and noticed I must have dropped a strip on the floor, I tested during the show in the dark (freestyle lite has an LED, very inconspicuous). But when I picked up the strip to throw it away I noticed it wasn’t the same model strip I used… what a coincidence that another diabetic had set in the same seat that night at the earlier show.

Me too.