Strange Insulin to Carb ratio

Hi everyone,

just wondering if anyone else has an atypical insulin to carb ratio for their weight and or insulin sensitivity factor.

In my case, i have a ratio of 1u to 13 grams, but a Total daily dose of about 25u about 50:50 basal bolus (levemir, novorapid). A book I'm reading suggests that for my weight and Total daily dose, 1 unit should cover 20 grams but it doesn't. The same book however correctly gauged my sensitivity factor from both my weight and total daily dose, so im quite confused... any ideas?


Everyone is different. That is why there is a gauge, that is a starting point, and then every adjusts based on their own physiology and experience. It has taken me about a year to find a ratio and basal:bolus that works for me.

I agree w/Binky that everyone is different. I have a TDD of about 22 u w/approx 50% basal. Mornings I need 1:15, mid afternoon I need 1:23 and late evening and night I use 1:20. I am still “tweaking” trying to decide if bolus or basal is “off” and prob. using same book as you…Pumping Insulin?

YDMV as we all say. I use about 15-20 units TDD based on the carbs for theday. I use 1:15 or 1:18 for dinner carb ratio with a 1:80 correction factor. Usually split about 50/50 or 40/60

thanks everyone, good to know other people are having a similar experience, and thanks for the advice (YDMV - good acronym)