Streamlining our registration questions: your thoughts

Hey everyone,
I wanted to let you know we’ve streamlined our Registration Questions, in an effort to only ask what we think are essential questions. We removed the following questions.

  • Hometown (where you come from):
  • What glucose meter do you use?
  • How did you find out about us? What were you searching for?
  • Who referred you?How can TuDiabetes help you? (if anyone)
  • What do you do for a living?

Do you have any other thoughts/comments on the remaining questions?

  • Do you have diabetes or pre-diabetes? - Yes, No, I have a loved one with diabetes, I am not sure
  • I have: No diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1.5 (LADA) Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Other type of diabetes, Not sure what type of diabetes
  • Date diagnosed
  • Most recent A1C (Blood Glucose Average) Value
  • Type of treatment/devices you use
  • Oral, Shots, Pump, CGM, Diet and Exercise, N/A
  • What pump model do you use, if any?
  • What is the address for your Facebook profile, if any?
  • What is the address for your Twitter profile or other web site, if any?
  • How can TuDiabetes help you? (we just reworded this one, any suggestions on better wording?)
  • I wish to receive the TuDiabetes monthly email newsletter

Any questions you feel are unnecessary? Why?
Any questions you feel we should be asking? Why?

BTW, if your profile is outdated, you can updated by clicking on the “Settings” link at the top right or follow this URL:

The registration leaves one wondering if it is the original when the person started with tudiabetes or if it was updated, so how about “date updated”.
“Most recent A1c” is an improvement, but how about a date with it.

I think it is good to know the location of the person, perhaps state or country if not in the US.
Also, the meter the person is using is good to know in case they are having a problem with it.

Officially Type 1.5/LADA is a specific subset of Type 1. Not sure if you can arrange the dropdown box to indicate this or not.

Numerically… Maybe “Type 0.5” would be a better description of LADA. i.e. a kinda developing case of T1 that was caught before it was full-blown. 1.5 OTOH does encompass some of the T2/T1 confusion that happens in the real world so that’s not all bad either.

I see you removed the bg meter brand question and kept the pump brand question. I realize that large parts of the board are pump-centric and pump brand (or brand-specific pump discussions) is a big part of discussions. Maybe we could instead of have a question about bg meter usage that also includes CGM brand/usage (aren’t most CGM’s sorta integrated with bg meters by brand?)

I realize there may be a privacy issue involved, but I rather like the “What do you do for a living?” Maybe you could follow the question with the word “optional”.

I was thinking that as well, but isn’t that separately listed up on the top left?

I agree that the “What do you do for a living” is useful and helps foster connection. I like Trudy’s idea of it being optional.

I HATE the designation of Type 1.5. I think it sounds like a software version and is very misleading with its implication that LADA is “halfway between type 1 and type 2”. Since as someone else said, LADA is a subset of Type 1, what I have taken to calling myself is LADA/Type 1 which I much prefer.

I don’t care for “how can tudiabetes help you” though I’m not sure why! I agree with bikette that something like “What do you hope to get from TuD?” or “What are you expecting/hoping for from TuD”.

I would like to know a person’s age because I think some people are looking for connection with their peers. But also because it is added useful information that gives you a picture of the person. Perhaps this could be included as optional as well, since some people are very comfortable sharing age and others are not.

Yes, I understand that, Judith. I guess what I’m grappling with in that wording is who is the “we” that is offering to help us, since TuDiabetes at the best is a composite of all it’s members helping each other.

I like knowing where someone is, because I’ve found a couple of people who live in hailing distance from me (which is pretty far out here in Nevada!). And knowing what they do for a living can help people make connections, or ask privately a question that may not be diabetes related.

I would also add double diabetes, that is Type 1 with insulin resistance. Some of us older folks DO have that.

I’m also always interested in what meter people are using.

And I agree with leaving out the Type 1.5, and just saying LADA. Some people believe Type 1.5 is the same thing as double diabetes.

But I’m not really unhappy with the profile the way it is.

Maybe a "Tell us about yourself and how TuDiabetes can help you " section where a user could briefly describe themselves, their life and there life with diabetes and what they are looking for from TuDiabetes.

I wrote a “diabiography” on my page. I’m sure it’s not a best-seller but it’s out there?

I really like the location, age and occupation questions as well, for the same reasons already mentioned. I’d like to see a category for yes, I have D, but I’m not sure what kind. Maybe an ‘other’ that can be filled in?

I think the individualist in me would have been a bit leery of being asked “How can TuD help you?” I when I first came here; it would have felt intrusive. I now know that TuD is more of a collectivist culture (like you say even when we argue with each other!) and the phrasing seems appropriate to me now. I’ve been on various online community websites in the last 15 years, for a variety of topics. But this is my favorite - I haven’t been here as long as you and don’t remember what the member count was, but I came on 2 1/2 years ago.

Judith you reminded me of one of my all-time favorite books; How Can I Help, by Ram Dass and Richard Gorman. It’s a collection of anectodal stories and reflections on service, compassion, etc. Wonderful read, many times over.

Hi Manny. After reading all the comments, I’d vote for having a number of “optionals”. Since some members would choose to fill out all, some a few, some none, the result would still be more streamlined that the original profile. People do tell a lot about themselves in an introductory blog, which I always appreciate.

The problem with removing the type question is treatment options are different for different types. A Type 2 might be on insulin but a lot of Type 2s have insulin resistance can take insulin amounts that would kill a Tyoe 1. I think it helps to know what type someone is when you are formulating answers.

I am one that doesn’t like my town showing up there. When this subject came up awhile ago, I found out that I could block non-TuD members from seeing my profile, which I did (I don’t want to block members). I might feel differently if I lived in a big city, but I live in a small town. I have had stalker problems in the past and I really don’t want people that I don’t know being able to find out where I live.

I do understand that it is nice to know where people live. Maybe the field could just be country and state and leave the town optional – then everyone gets what they want!

Those seem like questions ppl will be willing to answer. I think their pretty good.