Stress fracture second metatarsal!

Hi! Ive a a question for people who do sport with t1 or t2-i dont know if there would be a difference for Ds with normal-ish blood sugars and non-ds.

I do lots of exercise, mostly running and like cross-fit type strength training. since about march i have been doing mountain races, about 12 to15 km runs through mountainous terrain, really fun. So with this change in running interests, i changed my training, doing lots more hill work.

also in the last couple of months, its been really hot, so my running club has been doing a lot more fartlek/speed series-less mileage but different speeds-spending less time in the heat.

on the 4th july i did a 12 km trail run, some km through sand but otherwise kind of flat. that was a saturday night. monday and tuesday i ran. after training on tues, i went to breakfast with some friends, got driven home 5 minutes away and couldnt walk. i have this stress fracture in my second metatarsal bone.

docs did xrays on the day and then 2 weeks later. things looked good, she said. from the beginning i joined a gym so i could swim, doc ok’d that. wait four more weeks at least to run. continue on the crutches, go by sensations. so i was walking after three weeks, gingerly, but ok. its been over 4 weeks now and i did a 5 mile hike last week and im walking around cuz it feels good/ok/no pain.

so i started doing some indoor cycling/elliptical and some strength training, getting a little pain there now. whats this all about?

has anyone had a stress fracture in metatarsal, with good-ish a1c(7.1)? did you heal as expected? if you run, how long did it take that you could run again?

i know everyone is different and i did ask the bone doc i went to. she said i should heal normally, but just want to get anyones personal experiences with this.


My daughter recently fractured 1st second and third metatarsals in one foot. They were non-displaced hairline fractures, I assume similar to what you describe. They kept her in a cast for 4 weeks and under strict orders of no physical exertion whatsoever involving her foot for the 6 weeks following taking the cast off…

So I don’t know how her fractures were similar and how different from yours but they’ve got her on strict orders to take it easy, slow walking only, for a total of 10 weeks part of which was in a cast.

PS my wife works in the orthopedic surgery clinic, actually my daughters fracture occurred at the orthopedic surgeons house, so who knows maybe they were biased and over-treated her or whatever, I don’t know. They’ve definitely got her on a tighter leash than you describe in your situation though.

Yikes! Get well soon @pancreaswanted! I haven’t broken anything but teeth and they shattered rather than cracked. I’d follow the doctor’s advice. They usually re-xrayit and would likely identify a problem healing pretty readily?

2 yrs ago, i woke up w/ BG very elevated and i fainted. i fell right on my foot, ankle twisted and everything. X-Ray showed that i broke all 5 metatarsal bones in my left foot, as well as breaking my ankle. i went to a D specialist every week for an entire 8 months. i went through 3 different types of casts and crutches. i was basically homebound for the entire time. i couldn’t even walk to the bathroom or kitchen w/out help.(oh, my poor husband!) i was in so much pain and i had terrible neuropathy (which still kicks in from time to time). it was a long and tedious recovery. luckally, once the final cast was removed (it was, at that point) a “boot”. i didn’t need PT, just needed to wear strong shoes (which luckally i owned) and was simply told to walk, walk, walk. after all those months, i was quite atrophied, but after about another month, i felt better and healed well. i still get the neuropathy from time to time. my greatest fears were that my foot would need to be amputated. thankfully, that was never an issue…it was simply a fear i had until i healed.