Hey, thanks for joining. I think we can all learn a lot from each other and I’m psyched to be finding so much great information.

Laura & Stacie, I’m always in awe of people who can run. And I could really use some tips. I’m signed up to do a mini-triathlon in a little over a month and I’ve been slacking on the running because I tend to get some really nasty shin splints. Know of any tricks for this?

Sara, shinsplints are tricky because they are not a specific injury - in other words, you can get shinsplints in different areas of your shins caused by different things. I think one of the main causes of shin splints is tight calf muscles, so it might help to stretch your calves really well (not just after running either - several times a day). Since you cycle so much, this could be what’s causing yours. Check out the 2 types of shin splints described at Cool Running and see if their suggestions help.

So funny! Sara, I was reading one of your replies and thinking “we ought to start a group of D’s who exercise seriously”, and the next thing I am reading is that you have started it! My first marathon was back in the dark ages, when the only “testing” available involved peeing in a cup and playing chemist in the bathroom! I have pictures of me running with sugar packets stuck in my sweatband. Now that I’m about to enter the 21st century and get a pump, I look forward to this group’s collective knowledge. Will you be doing your century on a road or mtn bike? Do you have a set-up where you test while rolling? Did you see that Team Type 1 won the RAAM group category!!! Awesome–they are my heroes! :smiley:

Thanks for the advice! The Cool Running site was extremely helpful (I didn’t even know there were 2 types of shin splints - mine are definitely anterior.) and I agree that I should probably stretch more. I tend to be pretty bad about that.

Welcome, and thanks for joining!
I can’t imagine running a marathon without a pump, let alone a BG meter! Come to think of it, I can’t imagine running a marathon period (running is not my strong suit, so I don’t usually do it on purpose). So seriously, hats off to you! And please, please post the sugar packet picture. I laughed just imagining it.
You will LOVE having a pump - what kind are you getting?
I’m doing my century on a road bike, but I commute and do a lot of my training on my mtn bike. I don’t exactly have a rolling BG setup but I have become pretty good at pulling out the OneTouch Mini as I’m clipping out. Can’t wait to get a CGM.
And yeah, I have been following Team Type 1 - those guys are awesome!!!

And finally, welcome to John/Tina/Kerri/Andy/QDfUH - It’s great to see the group growing so quickly, thanks guys!!!

Shin splints are not fun. Make sure your shoes fit correctly. I would go to a shoe store that knows how to fit your shoes correctly. Use ice and advil. Also make sure you stretch.