Hello everyone, i am quite new to this, but will take this discussion abroad and hopefully I can make myself feel more ill at ease or someone else. Diabetes has been a part of my life for its most of the time. I dont know another life of not having to continually test my bloodsugars or take several shots a day. But even though i have had it for so long and feel like its more like another body organ, i still stress out to the most extent. I am getting fed up with making so many hospital visits and my body continually getting sick. Its a never stop situation…

Chelsea, this is a topic we talk about all the time here. (if you go to Forum and search for “stress”, there are 431 discussions to look at). I’m glad you are here - you came to the right place! We all try to listen, comfort, help, and give suggestions here. Sometimes, we just say, “I understand” if you have to scream!

Chelsea, we’re glad you’re here. I have had diabetes for as long as I can really remember, too. I feel you, girl.

Hi Chelsea,
It is great to have you here. We all understand stress and all the problems that go with it. I am sure we could all give you some little ideas of things we do to fight the things that constantly hit us. Give us some examples of stuff that goes on in your life during a day and we can try to help. For example for me, I wasn’t aware that lack of sleep could have such a profound effect on my blood sugar and how I felt when I became diabetic. Now I realize that is one of the first things i have to protect for me. Also i have begun using those little disposable wipes on the grocery cart handle when i go to the store to do any shopping. If I don’t have any, I get a couple of my daughter’s baby wipes and clean it with those. That may be going a little far for some people but i don’t want to pick up anyone elses’s cold or pneumonia. Another thing I found that I need to do is to limit the amount of time I let myself stay upset over something really dumb another driver has done while I am driving. Mark off the time you allow any way you want. I keep wipes in my car so it is easy for me to wet my thumb on one and put it on the dash board. As soon as that dries I tell myself i am over being upset and let it go. My blood sugar and my blood pressure are more important than that dumb incident. The same is true inside the house. This is a couple of ideas. I am sure you probably have some great coping mechanisms that you may like to share with us. So many things can happen that affect our health. If this isn’t the direction you want to go in, lead us the way you need. My best to you.