I'm stubborn.

I like certain things, and I don't want to change them.

This is just another of those "issues" for diabetics -- the degree to which we have to adapt, substitute, deny, etc. to manage this disease (by "deny" I mean deny ourselves things).

This issue came to mind for me reading the Stevia discussion. I've never tried the stuff. The discussion has got me interested, so I'm going to give it a shot. However...

I happen to like the taste of sugar. No, not the taste of "sweet", the taste of sugar. I have very little of it these days, and where I'd use granulated sugar, I use Equal. Took me a long time to get used to the taste of equal (and it will forever taste like the bastard stepchild to real sugar in my coffee), but it's "good enough".

Now, Stevia. Will it be better? Will I hate the difference? Don't know, but my stubbornness has kept me from trying Almond Milk and a lot of other substitutes for things because, well, I'm stubborn.

Comments, insults, sneers, jokes all welcome

I'm a purist when it comes to food and a foodie. many of the "substitute foods" discussed on here sound, frankly...nauseating to me. Cauliflower salad as a potato salad?? No thanks! When I stopped eating sugar 20 years ago everyone recommended their favorite sugar substitutes and they all tasted disgusting to me (I understand they've gotten better) so i just don't eat desserts or use sugar or sugar substitutes at all. I'm a vegetarian and when it comes to tofu turkey (I've never actually seen that, is it a joke?) and such I figured: If I wanted to eat meat, I'd eat meat! But gradually, gradually I've become more flexible. I've found substitute sausage for breakfast, I find almond milk easy to adjust it and worth it for the reduced carbs. But I'm still a foodie, and some things I'd still rather either eat the original or drop it altogether.

You won't get any insults, sneers or jokes from me. In fact, I'm in agreement with you. I can't use Sweet N' Low--gives me a headache every time. Equal is the only thing I use and it's getting rarer to find in my local supermarket. Splenda and Stevia has taken over the market. I'm not ready to take the chance to see what side effects I may be on the receiving end of either one.

You sound like me in so many ways. I am stubborn about any sweets I eat. I still have four milk duds three times a week; I'm not giving up chocolate....and sugar free tastes horrible. BUT I am willing to do some extra laps in the pool for those milk duds, I am willing to give up another carb like corn or pasta for those milk duds. And every once in awhile, I'll have real ice cream....or a chocolate chip cookie. I've tried the other stuff and frankly, if I want the real thing, a substitute won't make it, and then I've eaten the sub and the real thing. Stevia is better than Equal in my mind....doesn't have the after taste, but that's me. I figure this is the only life I get, and I'll give up some things,but not everything,

Kate! If I wasn't already married, I'd propose!

I have 2 -- count 'em, TWO -- diabetic guilty pleasures once a week: An In-n-Out Double Double for lunch on Monday's, and a single scoop of Haagen Daz strawberry ice cream on Friday evening.

I'm a good boy the rest of the time, usually.

I do substitute some other evil bad-for-me, hard-to-manage-BG treat on those two occasions now and then as well.

These completely real, no-substitute, mouthgasms help keep me sane dealing with the 365/24/7 in-your-face give-me-attention waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! disease.

And perhaps I can help someone else out here with this in this way: If you discipline a few guilty pleasures, you can then plan and work out a bolusing strategy to eliminate the impact. I have that Double Double on monday so dialed in that it's my best BG performance after eating -- start in the 80s, peak in the 130s, back under 110 after 2 hours.

And I'm not gaining weight -- the rest of the week balances out.

I eat banned substances like Raisin Brand , local honey, and whole Milk...Sometimes I need a treat...

I don’t view stubbornness as a necessarily bad trait. If you’re stubborn in the face of temptations to keep your blood sugar in range, I’d label that as a good thing. Conversely, if one stubbornly ignores facts that undermine your current position and ultimately cause you harm, then that’s not so good.

I agree with you. I’d rather have a limited amount of real sugar than more liberal servings of substitutes. I also worry about the long term effects on health of these substitutes.

I love ice cream but I limit it to special occasions, maybe five or six times per year. When I eat ice cream, however, I don’t want the reduced or no fat varieties popular with a majority of our culture. I want the highest butter-fat content I can find! Mmm…

I don’t often add sugar to my food, but I will sometimes make whipped cream with heavy cream and a few teaspoons of sugar. I’ll put it in my coffee or add dollops over fresh berries.

I find if you’re mindful about what a food “indiscretion” does to your subsequent blood sugar and maintain acceptable post-eating BG excursions, then I see that as a win/win scenario. I can enjoy a “treat” like any other human and also respect my health. I’m guessing that these treats can be built into most diets without too much trouble. As one commenter already mentioned, exercising can erase any guilt when applied after enjoying the “wrong” kinds of foods.

Your discussion of artificial sweeteners reminds me of the perennial debate about the taste of cilantro. Most people either love or hate it, not much opinion in the middle.

I admire your diabetes style. You’ve made the necessary concessions while still respecting the demands of diabetes as well as your need to enjoy simple human pleasures – no guilt required. I think that’s the key. You own it; you’re the master of your own ship.

Your discussion of artificial sweeteners reminds me of the perennial debate about the taste of cilantro. Most people either love or hate it, not much opinion in the middle
Interesting "factoid" about this... I've read this many times over the years, and believe it to be true: The dichotomy in cilantro taste is genetic -- some people have a gene that makes it taste bad soapy. People that don't have that gene don't get that taste response!

I love the taste of cilantro. I'm glad I got the right gene. I've had enough trouble with the gene lottery!

I suppose I am stubborn as well. But then again aren't we all to have held on and taken care of ourselves this far along? ;)

Stevia: HATE IT. Has a bitter after taste that I can't stand. Lot's of folks seem to like it. I say good for them.

Splenda: I can take it or leave it. No horrible after taste, but not really a "good" flavor additive either.

I have a bit of ice cream once every couple of weeks and once and again I will chase the dragon and have some pizza. (Look out folks we got a bad ass over here!)

But like you, I am to a point where I can account for these things and minimize the effect they have on my bg levels as well as only indulging in them on occasion.

Almond "milk" tastes great, but is pretty highly sweetened. So I may as well have a glass of 2% milk anyhow. Same goes for Rice "milk".
I will say though that they are great alternatives for those people who are lactose intolerant.

In general, I always like the real thing, even if I can only have a small(er) amount.

I tend to not like these things. I hate substitutes. They are just not it. If you like it for what it is - great. But if you trying to substitute for something ells- it does not work for me.

You can get "unsweetened almond milk" which is what I use, Mario. I don't have to add any carbs to bolus for it when I make my cappuccino. As I've said above, I'm not too into substitutes either, but, especially in the morning when I am so carb intolerant, I love not having to add more carbs just for the milk. (And I've adjusted to the flavor which I now like).

I"m so impressed with your dietician's response. There is no reason that you can't have what you want, IF you are w illing to change things around a little, I try to keep in mind my total carb goal, which was my choice, considering I wanted to lose weight, also. But if I splurge on a half piece of pie, I make up for it with more exercise, and dropping some non-heatlhy carbs either before or after my splurge. I have never felt deprived, except when it comes to shrimp or steak,,,,,but I eat enough, and actually more than before I was diagnosed,

I will use a natural substitute for sugar in coffee, teas, etc. But not in baking, or cooking. It's not worth it. If I want some pudding or tapioca, I used the sugar and make the adjustments. And I thought I would never use math ! HEHE