Study about the Documents Used with Diabetes Electronic Records Systems

I’m an Assistant Professor in technical and medical communication at the University of Cincinnati. I’m working on a research study that involves examining electronic texts, such as electronic patient reminder letters and test results letters, associated with electronic health records and disease registry systems.

I’m interested in interviewing people who have received such texts via email or regular mail to learn about your thoughts about and experiences with these documents.

The interviews will be audio recorded and will take approximately 1 hour at a time convenient for you.

I’ll be using a computer-based call software called Skype which you can download for free. To participate you will need to be logged in to Skype at the time of our meeting and accept the call. Your computer will need audio and a mic to fully participate. One week before the meeting time I’ll information about creating a Skype account and contact you via email to get your Skype contact information. At the agreed upon time I’ll place a call for the interview.

The final product of the study will be a paper I’ll be writing for publication in a scholarly journal. If the study is presented or published, I will not use any names. A transcription of any audio would be used for any presentation or publication rather than the actual audio.

Participating in this research is strictly on a volunteer basis. Participants must be 18 years or older, have diabetes, and have participated in a diabetes registry system. You will be compensated for your time with a gift certificate of $10 from

It is not expected that you will be exposed to any risk by being in this research study. Participants can skip any question and quit the study at any time.

Information about you will be kept private by limiting access to research data to the research team, by not including your name on the written record of the audio comments, keeping research data on a password protected computer, by keeping consent documents separate from the master list of participants and ID’s, and by keeping notes and original audio records in a locked file cabinet. Your information will be kept in the PI’s office for 3 years. If the data from this research study is published, you will not be identified by name. Agents of the University of Cincinnati may inspect study records for audit or quality assurance purposes.

If you are interested, please contact me at or 513-556-1896.

Thanks so much for your help!
Lora Arduser
Assistant Professor
University of Cincinnati

What is a "diabetes registry system?"

This survey has been approved by the TuDiabetes Administration Team.

It is basically an electronic health record system. Many of them generate letters for patients (appointment reminders, test results, etc). These are the types of documents I’m interested in getting feedback on.


Lora, I would love to join in on the fun. give me a note if you are interested in a long term 56 year old diabetic from Indiana. Heck I am looking for something to do, if you want some help.


Sorry to take so long in replying. I haven’t gotten much response so I shelved the project for awhile. Let me know if you’re still interested in chatting. I’d love to get your perspective!


Lora: I am always looking for something to do. If you are interested than so am i, let me know how to proceed. I think it will be great fun to work on something interesting.


Cool! Basically we’d set up a time to talk. I’d ask you some questions about your experience with electronic medical records. We could do Skype, Facetime or Google hangouts if any of those work for you and I’d audio record it just so I make sure I get everything down. It shouldn’t take more than an hour.