Stupid Fat!

I doubt there are ever guarantees at this point. The Endo team did say that may weight needs to be eliminated in order to eliminate the need for bp meds and other future complications to my health. I have never had hbp before I put on some extra pounds.

Bottom line. Its got to go. I am absolutely aware that weight and health are only one aspect of my life and is most ceratinly not a magic genie. I actually have a pretty fantastic life. However, the weight gain is an aspect that needs to be ameliorated. Its just plain not helathy to have a high BMI. I have never had issues with weight before, and I plan to fix it now. 21 years with Type 1, and I believe that I should have every opportunity to live a long wonderful life (without complications) and I am certainly not going to let anything as ridiculous as body fat get in my way. I’ve got a PhD to finish, a world to travel, people to help, and a wonderful husband who would be quite ticked if I checked out early b/c I decided that trying was just too hard.

Im going to try to get under 50. I thought a 6 0z steak was about 42 grams? Maybe I am calculating incorrectly, or reading the wrong thing.

Isnt that exclusively for Type 2’s?

Awesomely persistent? I admire anyone with tenacity. I have not had a single “bad for you” food in like 10 days, the cravings are slowly waning, and I do actually feel better. ALthough, I think my brain is adjusting to lower/ and healthier carbs.

Another trick is to not totally focus on the weight? When I’ve hit plateaus (plateaux?), I’ll just look at myself as a ‘runner’ rather than a ‘weight loser’ and pay attention to running farther (or walk farther?) or running faster. It usually takes me a while to ramp up to run differently and it’s a good distraction. If I keep at it, sometimes the weight loss will sort of come out of some of that? It was always a really slow process. One of those Big Loser (the MTV one?) was on the other night and the guy dropped 40 lbs over the summer but he had a trainer falling him around and yelling at him all the time. I sort of imagine my TKD boss yelling at me sometimes but really, I’m in charge of yelling at myself but I think that it’s better to yell ‘run farther’ than dwell on ‘I didn’t lose a pound this week because I ______ on Friday’ or whatever? Still, I kind of got into it with some low carb people a few weeks ago here and said ‘well, maybe I should get more focused on it’ and managed to peel off a few pounds.

what are you doing to exercise? if you’re exclusively doing moderate-intensity steady-state cardio, i would switch it up and incorporate stuff like heavy weight lifting, interval training, or stuff with both a strength and cardiovascular component (kettlebell swings or crossfit-type exercise, for instance). increasing the ratio of lean body mass to fat is just as critical as dropping pounds, especially if you’re only moderately overweight.

6 ounces= 170 grams. I was wondering why you said 159 grams of protein was a lot:) Too much protein will stall weight loss & will cause weight gain.

WW goes on points rather than carbs. I think you could definitely do low carb if you want. To my knowledge, there is no “carb requirement” in ww. That is one reason the program tends to be successful. You can tailor it to your own needs…no foods are required or are off limits.

The liver has a huge deposit of glucose. This glucose is released into the blood stream in tiny amounts to fuel our body. The basal insulin is covering these small amounts. The drug metformin orders the liver to release less glucose and furthermore the sensitivity for insulin is increased. This is true for all types of diabetics with the exception of untreated type 1 (without insulin is does not help much to reduce the liver output). To recommend Metformin really depends on the type of problem. For the insulin resistance you seem to have it seems perfect. Others have a very reactive liver dumping high amounts of glucose at dawn or with physical activity. For them the downregulation of the liver can be benefitial too. The good thing about the drug Metformin is that is is known and used for a very long time. The only pitfall may be that Metformin can cause some bowel discomfort. But with low dosages this should be ok.

Very good information, I will definitely look into it. Thanks

I am doing cardio and resistance training. Seems to be working I have lost 10lbs in 10 days, I doubt I will keep up that pace but it is .a nice start,

That is great, but remember, this is about lifelong changes. You can lose weight and get bigger biceps in a month, but you really want to alter your lifestyle so that the changes are permanent. Either way, it is good to see progress.

Thanks, believe me I know! I dont remember what it was like without diabetes. I never went through a rebellious stage with diabetes, so I guess last year was my time. I surely will not do that again, because the consequences for ignoring my monster sucks.

You should be telling us what to do!

Ha! Thanks! I am taking what everyone says into serious consideration, and trying and applying what seems to work for me. My body seems to like protein and about 60 carbs a day, anyl ess then that and I seem to strat dumping. Bicyclying seems to be my excercise of choice. :slight_smile: I can fit my Peanut (dog) in the basket and we ride around the lake.

I like biking a lot too! I have a bunch of forest preserves near my house and can get 30 miles if I string them together properly. I loathe riding when it’s cold though. My doggies is still too antsy to ride in a basket though…

Thats awesome, I may die during 30 miles though. 5-10mi seems good for me right now… and you should see me huff through that! I have two other dogs that are too antsy too. My Peanut is a quiet one. We enjoy a nice quiet ride. May sound cheesy, but when I am on the bike it makes me feel like I am flying. :slight_smile:

That’s why I like the bike too! It’s a lot faster than jogging! Re distance, it is fun having different places to ride b/c I have to ride from one to the other and it’s sort of a time thing as much as anything else. I also have a Garmin thing that counts calories though and the long rides really smoke a lot of food!

OOOHHH! I didnt know Garmin did that! I bought Mr. Jenny Elizabeth one for Christmas in '09. :slight_smile: (Hahaha he would crack up if he knew I called him that) I use Cardiotrainer on my Android, it does GPS and colories. It even shows where I had to take breaks, when and where. I like it because it taks to me in an English accent and I can post my workouts online. It also keeps a running app on how many calories I have burned that week.