Stupid question about testing

I am a fairly new diabetic and have sort of a strange question about testing. I noticed that it is much easier to get blood out of my pinkie.... it's weird. So, for the last few week I've been using mostly my pinkie for testing. I know we're supposed to rotate fingers, but it's so much easier and less painful to get blood from my pinkie. Anyway, my question is this: is this a terrible thing to do in the long term? I also noticed that it is much harder to test when it's cold out, which also seems strange. Has anyone else noticed these weird phenomena around testing?

I still hate poking myself, so any general advice on testing would be great.


I pricked one side of my right index finger too much and now it has a scar/callous that I think may be permanent. I stopped using that area and am hoping it will go away with time, but after several months now I’m beginning to think it might not, which sucks. It doesn’t have any negative effects other than being annoying!

It’s not a terrible thing. The primary reason to rotate is to avoid getting callouses and scar tissue a the site. But if it’s easier to get a drop from the site, there’s no reason to switch. If you keep pricking the same spot it will get sore, then develop a callous and can be harder and harder to draw blood from it.

So, if you don’t mind the callous, don’t bother rotating as long as you can draw blood.


Not a stupid question. My pinkies are good bleeders also. Not a terrible thing to do, but good to rotate because fingers get calluses & then you’ll have to use a deeper lancet setting.

Blood vessels constrict in colder weather, so not strange:) Washing hands in hot water helps. Shaking your hands also helps get the blood flowing. Keeping well hydrated is good also. Hard to get blood when we’re dehydrated.

Maybe you need a different lancing device. The Accu Chek Multi Clik is the best one I’ve used.

I also set my finger poker to different depths depending on if my hands are cold or not. My pinkies bleed easy at a depth of 3 when the blood is flowing, but I have to put it up to at least 5 or 6 when they are cold.

Pinkies have always been the best for me. If you end up testing obsessively, like me before I got my cgm, I was testing at least 10 times a day, and then you have to rotate, otherwise it hurts. I wouldn’t worry about permanent damage, though. If it gets sore, you just cant test there for a couple of days.

Not a stupid question. Testing is still a huge bummer for me, almost 20 years later! I get good blood out of my pinkies, and you have less nerve endings there too, so it can hurt less. The lancet things that come with meters seem to be worse than ones you can buy separately… for instance , CVS pharmacy sells their brand for about $5 , and it has been really good for me.

Also, some people like using their forearms; has not worked that great for me, but you can always try it. Devices and attachments for this are also sold. Best of luck with the new diagnosis, and good question.

It’s definitely not a stupid question, if you don’t ask you’ll never know. If you find it difficult getting blood from other fingers just wrap a rubber band around any finger and it will get the results you need.

I find that I like to use the pinkies, too. But over the years, I’ve developed some significant calluses. I try to move around. I’ve got spots on some fingers where the lancet just bounces off.

When it’s cold out, the blood vessels shrink around the periphery and try to keep your internal organs warmer. That’s why washing the hands in warm water is recommended before testing.
Make up your mind to call the next finger over your “pinkie” for a week to give your pinkie a rest. You’ll be happier when you don’t have to go through scar tissue. And do use the sides of your “pinkie”, whichever finger it is, so you have two side plats on each finger.
How about figuring a rotation of side plats for each week of the month? Keep it funny and you’ll have no trouble rotating.

ilana. Swinging or thrusting your arms forward works good too. If someone asks what your doing just tell them your a diabetic bird and that your just flapping your wings.


This is a loving community of people and we dont have any problems answering questions. Please remember that. We are all in a state of learning about our disease and how it affects everybody…I personally don’t prick my fingers. I do my palms. I prick approx to 2 inches under the knuckles that attaches the pinky to the palm. I hurts to prick my fingers. Have you tried pricking the sides of your fingers? I would not suggest doing it on the tips because of the nerve endings. You can also do your forearm too if you like. Everybody has a preference!!!

I am an arms only man, sorry but I would never use my fingers since I use computers for a living and have to type all day long (and most nights).

Just my opinion.

Just a tip… use the sides of your finger tips… not the actualy fingertips that have your fingerprints on them.