SU Charity Sports Auction

I wrote a really nice blog then tried to add a photo, only to be in the middle of maintenance time!!!

I went on to do other things and lost my “copy.”

Either way, the event/night was amazing. I got to meet my all time favorite quarterback who happens to support the ADA! His father is a Type 2 Diabetic on insulin shots so diabetes has affected his life. This quarterback is a legend in my hometown, he has Big East College Stats that have been standing for 10 years. After a decade, he came “home” to the Carrier Dome, with emotion and nostalgia. He was all smiles, full of jokes and enjoyed reminiscing about his days in Syracuse, NY.

And idea yet?! Anyone an NFL fan? A Football fan?

Well I am BIG time! I am pleased to introduce the one, the only…
Mr. Donovan McNabb!

This is the best shot I got of him while standing off to the side in the Varsity Club Room during the VIP Meet and Greet (Thank You SO Much Deena!!!).

When it was my chance to shake The Man’s hand, I did so and told him I was a huge fan, that I used to live in Philly and I grew up here. I went on to say I am Type 1 for 23 years and I know it is April but I am ready for the new season. He smiled and said ok ok, nice. I asked if he was ready and he replied, “Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am.” I said as I was walking away, “That’s all I wanted to hear.”

Wow! OMG! I met Donovan McNabb! I shook his hand. I talked to him! OMG, that is him, in the flesh! And he supports the ADA! And he has a Diabetes Camp for kids in PA! OMG! (of course this was all running frantically through my head!)

Next up, after months of trying to schedule a meeting while helping to advocate and support local events, there she was, my girl, my friend, the one who got me in here, my biggest supporter and cheerleader outside of my family…Deena from the local ADA. Once we both realized who we were it was a run up and hug tight moment while everyone starred (I have a big mouth for a little woman and don’t usually use my inside voice, mainly because I don’t care, hey I am a New Yorker, what can I say!). “OMG, it is you! I am so glad to see you! You are here! Did you meet him? Did you see? It is Donovan!” I was exclaiming as Deena laughed at me and asked if I kissed him, am I still drooling, can you believe it, still love me for this one huh… it was funny. Then Deena introduced me Travis, her boss, the ADA Director from Rochester. He was very excited to meet me and while we shook hands he told me Deena said great things about me. I gave her the look and asked why she lied. Then Travis asked if I got a picture with Donovan. I said no but I took some with my cell phone. He said well let’s get you up there.

So Travis and I made it through the line (for me, once again). We discussed what I was apart of with the ADA. We discussed the Call to Congress, my lack of health insurance, the Walk Committee and was I truly a real fan of Donovan. Then there I was again…in front of The Man, telling him I was back to get a picture. He said ok. Travis then told Donovan I was a veteran camper (Rochester has a diabetes camp for kids that I attended over 20 years ago). Donovan said, “Oh. That is great.” while reaching for me and we ended up hugging! (OMG again folks! He is like a big teddy bear, I did not want to let go!). So I got a picture with me hugging Donovan, or vice versa, not sure who started that. I then discussed the camps with Donovan and we talked about how important it is for kids to feel like they belong, the camps allow them to be kids. Donovan said, “It is so important that the kids know that their lives are not over. They can do anything.” I agreed and said after 23 years, ya know, Type 1 never goes away, so what do those “kids” do then? Travis jumped right in and said that is what the ADA is for. Donovan and I smiled. I said, “Ok ok. But some major work needs to be done in that area.” They both laughed at me. I then asked Donovan about his father, who is Type 2. Donovan explained he was doing well and he is on insulin shots. He told me he was eating and maybe I should check on him, make sure he was eating the right thing. I said, “I can do that. He will not mind if I introduce myself?” He said oh no, it is fine and thank you.

I then talked more with Travis (while he kept saying you really are a fan. Well, yeah!!! Big time! Not obvious enough for you! A girl can have her favorite NFL Team and quarterback ya know!) about the ADA, my needs, what I want to do and what I need help with. He then introduced me to Diane from the Utica ADA and a nurse at the Rochester Camp. Diane and I discussed the Camp and she told me the Call to Congress is a great opportunity and I will have a lot of fun. Soon it was time for the event to kick off with Donovan giving a speech so I quickly made my way over to Sam, his father. He was done eating but I told him what Donovan and I discussed and I mentioned I was Type 1 for 23 years. He said, “Oh, ok. Well take care of yourself then and thank you.” (works for me!) I also saw, was briefly standing next to, Wilma, the “NFL Mom” from the Campbell Soup Commercials. Yes, that one, she really is Donovan’s mom!

Soon enough Donovan started his speech. He reminisced about his days at Syracuse, gave advice to the new students and the seasoned students. He then got serious and discussed supporting the ADA, diabetes, his father and the camp for kids. There were a lot of cheers and clapping.

Next up was a special award ceremony. The SU Sports Management Club gives out a Perseverance in Sports Award annually. This year, Kyle Lograsso was the recipient. He is a 5 year old golf prodigy who has beaten cancer! He is amazing and SO adorable!

All in all it was a grand night. Meeting my all time favorite quarterback who happens to support the ADA (thank you Again Deena!!!) and simply having a nice time just starring at him, lol!
On top of that, meeting more folks from the ADA, cheering me on with my advocating efforts. (Thanks and nice to meet you Travis and Diane!)

Next up, April 14th, Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day (started by fellow diabetic and blogger, Kerri, over at sixuntilme). Check out her blog for ideas for the day. Show your support with a logo, a t-shirt, a hand out or simply by answering questions people have. Or you could just list some things you want others to know about Type 1.

Then April 30th I am off to DC for the Call to Congress! Learning how to advocate for diabetes in the Capitol! Woo hoo!