My cataract surgeries were a success!!! It has been a life changing experience for me. I don’t think I have ever seen the earth as I see it now!! The colors of this world are so bright and extra special. The smile on my face has not left me since the moment I could really see this earth about 3 weeks ago.

I finally restarted my exercise program!!! I am walking on average 40 minutes a day about 4 days a week. Where I do my walking might not be a typical spot for exercising. I am walking the halls of my oldest daughter’s high school. Both of my girls are involved in sports which practice at the high school. Due to spending a lot of time waiting for my girls during practices, I was spending hours of time sitting and doing nothing. One night while I was waiting for my youngest daughter to finish up her swimming practice, I noticed some people walking the halls while I was sitting. They looked like they were walking with purpose. I decided to follow them. What I found out from following them was that people do use the high school building to walk and exercise. On my way home that night I made up my mind to walk! I have one week in and I feel great about it!!!

Hi Helmuth: :smiley:

Your message made me smile. A Big Congrats on
your successful cataract surgeries. I know what
you mean. I had mine done last Sept. and Oct.
I’m still smiling. :o)

How was the pressure in your eyes after the
surgeries? (The pressure in my right eye was
Good at 18 but my left eye the pressure measured
33 which was too high. They are supposed to be
under 20(over here). I was given another bottle
of drops(Travatan) to bring it down. I was just
at my Drs. on Weds. and he said my eyes are in
Good shape.)

Can you see the bobber now?? :slight_smile: Good to hear.
Don’t forget your daily drops(that too will pass)
and enjoy your new sight. :wink: