Sudden onset migraines for type 1 teen

I have a 16 yr old daughter who is type 1 for 5 years. In May she started having constant headaches that she describes as pressure starting in the middle of her head than radiating outward. We have been to two neurologist who have put her on medication for this but she has found no relief from the headaches. The latest meds were Effexor and she is now currently on topamax because Effexor caused severe dialation of her eyes that she did not deal well with at school. We have had a CAT scan and a non contrast MRI that have come back normal. She is really suffering and her grades in school show it because she cannot concentrate or she is down in the nurse’s office with an ice pack on her head (only thing that seems to help). Any one have a similar experience or idea about why she is having these headaches? Her blood sugar is under good control (for a teenager). I should note that when these headaches started her blood sugar went way out of control(high) and we were switching to a new endo who upped her insulin intake and her blood sugar has been good since.

Thoughts? Test for Celiac and food allergies/sensitivities. Major hormones going on at this time as well. Cleaning up her diet should assist with the migraines.

My son has been experiencing migraines also and has had all kind of exams done in Neurology. Tests have been fine but when the headache appears, it is very bad like you share. We turn off all the lights, I've given him Naproxen Sodium (ALEVE) and I also bought the Exedrin Migraine. He is eleven years old and he has also missed a lot of school or has been sent home. The doctor says there is no connection but I think sometimes the ups and downs of sugar maybe is a reason for these headaches. I feel for you and so much for your daughter. THey are precious gifts and I know as a parent you want to do all you can to comfort her. A new doctor may have a different way of handling this. I pray things get better.

Thanks for your reply and prayers. It is a trying time right now.

We see endo next week so I will ask her about these tests. Thanks for your reply.

Celiac is usually tested yearly. You may have to go to another out of the box thinking doc to look at food allergies/sensitivities and hormonal balance. Mainstream often does not think this route. Thyroid is important too.

I have read that the standard thyroid test is not a good indicator of thyroid problems, I was also going to ask for more in depth thyroid testing while at endo. If I get no help from her I will be looking for that out of the box doctor. Not happy with neurologist who says take this medicine and come back in three months as my daughter suffers those three months. Thanks again for your ideas.

I agree. Neurologist was not a good support for me or help. And yes, I also agree that the normal Thyroid blood tests are not good for diagnosis. THey have waited for my other child, not diabetic, to become extremely ill, to do further test to see that she is developing thyroid issues that will need to be taken care of soon. All we can do is continue to ask questions and be proactive for our kids. I pray the coming appointments grant you answers and peace of mind of what to do next.

i agree with looking into food sensitivities is a good idea. some more thoughts does she stay hydrated this can be very helpful. also how is her stress level? perhaps yoga might help nothing fancy just a few poses. a gentle yoga class might be really good for her, rather than a fast passed flow class. there is something to be said for finding small things that can empower her towards health, drinking water, slow breathing or some gentle poses when she feels something kicking in, the nurse would probably give her some quite space to put her legs up the wall, an eye bag may also feel good ( good Christmas idea!) teach her to turn inward to slow down and heal herself from the inside in check out these simple poses or search yoga for headaches for some more ideas

of course popping an advil or advil migraine when the beast kicks in and just chilling is helpful also, as others suggest it could be lovely hormones. best of luck to you both. amy

A friend of mines 7 year old boy recently had strong headaches every day for weeks on. Although he has been using Novorapid insulin for more then two years by then he has never before experienced headaches. they did all the tests including MRI and all was clear. Out of desperation they changed insulin to Apidra and headaches stopped and stayed away. They suspect the sensitivity to a certain component of insulin.

My 13 yr old son is also experiencing migraines. He had experienced migraines in 4th grade, but really hadn't had any until this year. He was dx with t1d in July. He started having headaches about a month ago. I was wondering if there is a connection between t1d and migraines.

One other thing you may want to consider is the serum magnesium level. From what I understand, this is a different test than just checking the magnesium level in blood.

My T1D son also has epilepsy and migraines. After he had gone 2 years with no seizures, his neuro suggested he taper off his epilepsy meds. With the information I'd been reading, I questioned whether taking magnesium daily would be appropriate. He didn't have a problem with that, so Jonathon has been taking a magnesium tablet daily for several years. He hasn't had any more seizures, and hasn't had a migraine in several years. I also started taking magnesium a few years ago for migraine, and have seen a drastic decrease in migraine.