Sugarfree christmas cookies :-)

I tried out a lot, and I just wanna share this with you:

  1. Gingerbread spice cookies

180g wholemeal flour (0,396832064059 Pound lbs)
180g powdered hazelnuts
200g butter (0,440924515621 Pound lbs)
1 Egg
6 teaspoons of liquid sweetener
1 teaspoon of gingerbread spice

About 15 Minutes at 175°C (347°F/ 448,15K)

  1. For vanilla cookies, just replace the spice with lots of vanilla flavor! :wink:

I never thought that cookies with sweetener could be that tasty!


oh, really want to try it,but our oven is not working :slight_smile:

bless you. Those were delicious!

Sounds yummy…Its worth trying =)

I’m happy if you liked them!!! : )