I saw this comic posted on another forum and after reading it want to print it out for my non-D friends. Maybe then they will start to understand… At least it might start a discussion.

Sugarland…A Comic about Diabetes


That is an excellent comic that hits so many important topics all at once.

I think this extended graphic story tells an important diabetes story in an accessible way. It’s well worth the time to read. You’re right, this is a good piece for gluco-normals to read, but also important for people with diabetes.


This is better than 99% of the popular information out there. I have some (very minor) quibbles with one or two issues , but I’m extremely glad to see it making the point about misdiagnosis (a point that can’t be made often enough).

The tone is just right, too. It’s neither preachy nor condescending while laying out the bare disturbing facts. Only risk is the length; some people may lose interest and stop reading. But that’s another minor nitpick; every person who reads it represents a net gain.