Sugars have been hovering between 200-300 today

Today I fasted for a couple hours to see how the Levemir alone handles my sugars. My sugars started out around 200, by the time I ate and took my Novolog my sugars were at 190. So all together I have seen a drop of 10 with 50 units of Levemir in the AM. I took 45 units before eating one meal for the day(did not have much of an appetite today) it was Chinese so I knew I needed more then the 15 units my doctor has me on. I really hope the Endo I have an appointment with gets me better insulin management because I am sorry to say this but strict keeping to a certain dose when it does me no real good is not helping. I want much better control of my diabetes and I feel my GP is just guessing and not guessing well enough. I even asked him about some real diabetes education on diet and insulin etc, and he gave me a pamphlet that is suppose to describe a diet and said 1800 calories and to figure out on my own. Ugg that is not what I asked for, if I wanted to self learn I would read on my own, some things I feel I need more guidance then others.