Suggestion of where to keep the receiver

I’m now into maternity wear which doesn’t exactly make it easy to clip my receiver on to. I’ve used my bra a few times but it’s a bit awkward digging into one’s cleavage for a receiver when in public. I was in church the last time it started vibrating and beeping… Has anyone found something to carry the receiver in that can be worn around your neck or somewhere else? Pockets are not an option as I seem to be wearing a lot of dresses these days.

I just put mine in my purse, which is pretty much always next to me…

What about a tiny purse that you can hang around your neck/shoulder? I saw loads of them at Marshall’s last week.

I usully keep mine in my purse as well, but if I don’t have a purse, I bought a “Neck Travel Pouch” at Academy Sports and it works great. It’s manufactured by Megellan Sportswear. It hangs around your neck and it’s made to keep valuables “safe and out of sight” when traveling. There are a couple of compartments but the main one has a flap that has velcro and it has a couple of small areas that zip closed. It wasn’t real expensive either.

I also have a tummietote by talleygear. It goes around your waist and has 2-3 areas where you can slip something in. I really liked the owner of the website. The belt has a velcro closure and you ordered by your waist size. I’m in the process of losing weight so the owner made the velcro part longer so I’d have some flexibility on size as I lose weight. They come in many colors and patterns of fabric. I’ve seen some wear them under clothing and on the outside as well.

I got a lanyard and attach my Dex to that. I know the Dex itself doesn’t have anything that attaches, so I just always keep it in the zipper case it came with, and then I attach the zipper to the lanyard, if that makes sense. I really like the method, since it leaves my hands and pockets free, and it’s always with me.

Coming from a guy;
Maybe we put enough pressure on the dex manufacturer to make a wrist watch-like receiver. They can easily do it. Of course, it will mean reducing the size.

I’d be content if they would make the damn thing into a shape that would fit into an armband like they have for the iPhones or iPods…it’s too thick!!

Nancy, Maybe one of the Bands for Life talked about in another post would be an option for you? You could just measure your arm with the receiver included. There was a post a long while back from someone with instructions on how to make the case into something that you could wear around your neck. Melissa didn’t like the idea, so we didn’t do it. Not sure if I bookmarked it or not, or maybe a search would find it here. I will look around.

Found it! I did remove the clip from Melissa’s and she just puts it in her pocket because she almost lost the receiver twice due to the clip slipping off of her pants. The silicone gels don’t let it slide in and out of pockets easily, and I was worried about it without a case because she does drop it pretty often. I just used a seam ripper to remove the stitches, but and exacto knife would work too. Here is the post with the PDF link with exact details on how to make it.

Reply by AaronM on May 31, 2010 at 8:48pm
I came up with a solution that works very well for me. I removed the metal clip on the DexCom case and installed a loop made from a nylon shoelace. The loop on the case is a very adaptable fastening system. I wear the receiver around my neck for most of the day while at home. I can also loop the receiver in my belt or other places on my clothing. See my plans for the conversion.

I also noticed that the DexCom Store carries a case with a loop.

What zipper case are you talking about? The one that we have has snaps.


I don’t see a store link on the DexCom website. Where do I look for accessories?

For some reason they seem to never have their store working. I have yet to see it, so they may have just done away with it. They had a sport case and someone told me that it was junk. You are better off buying a nice cell phone case to fit it. If you want the gel skins, you can call them to order. They used to offer them in the store, but only had expensive shipping. If you call them you can get them shipped for less.

I did call them recently and bought a four pack of the gels…different colors. Thanks

The problem with that is by the end of my pregnancy that band may be cutting off the circulation, that why I’d love something that could adjust or something that I could wear around my neck. This is the reason I have the omnipod…nothing to clip or carry ;o)