Water on a ducks back or is that a mallard duck paddling through our living room,no silly it's a swan

Suddenly there I was 11 again walking in the rain to school running as quick as I could,shoes letting in water no overcoat and trousers that had seen better days, but at that age everything you do is a big adventure and rain falls to the ground of your face like a duck in water,never heard of diabetes,hart failure,gout or prostrate and one day in my mind I would zooooom about the Universe like Dan Dare that was back in 1961 times were different then I played till 10pm often going on long walks letting my avide imagination run riot well you do who wanted to go home to a cold house with little food on the table,it would be 7 years before I got a pair of shoes that had no holes in them or did not rub my heels but it made you tough you had to be in those days health and safety political correctness were dreams in someone elses mind,I remember dad working in a foundry bricking up the furnces often he would have an accident and be home for days,always loved my dad more than my mom maybe because he was the quite type and took as much grief from mom as I did rarely standing up to her,but the past is the past and bygones should be bygones what ever that means,I had always been a delicate child,suffering from constant ear aches,I do remember having my tonsils out just a distant memory but I would be about 6 maybe 7 funny how you remember some things while others are on the tip of your tongue relatively speaking,wish my spell checker worked still cannot have everything in life can you.

Time to take Victoza and morning medication so be with you in two ticks.........................................ok all done my tummy feels like a pin cushion but most of you already know that feeling,Downstairs toilet hallway and living room finally drying out if mom had been alive she would have said one of two things well these things are sent to test us who would in there right mind want to be tested by two burst pipes,a plumber perhaps the other thing she would have siad if she had one on he,r well you have made your bed so you can lie in it,well mom after wadding through half the river severn navigating the swans and ducks in our living room it would have been nice to rest on our bed,but when you are trying to stop the leaks get the water up with anything at hand towells kitchen rolls what a waste of time they were carrying bucket after bucket of water outside in the freezing snowy conditions yes a lie down would have helped.

Lots of other people had the same problems if not worse than we did trying to contact insurance companies home emergency services was a headache not even the anti depressants helped a deep depression was but a wet shoe away at the best of times my feet and legs are cold but wadding through water seceral inches high and waling it throug hthe rest of the house is no fun at all,I guess in time we will look back at it all and have a good laugh,like the time I rushed in the house with water pouring out of the ceiling dropping a laptop on the floor and seeing it sink under the water sounds funny but it was not,we came to breaking point shivering in the cold waiting for a response from the plimbers which never arrived carting the carpet outside as not to have to walk on sodden carpet going light headed more than once gettin up too quickly,but here we are a week or so later waitng for the claims adjuster to arrive ther is something to be said about living in a tent.

If you are interested I am going to put a few soggy/wet photos for you to see